The Herd

The Equine herd includes:

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TC (4-26-1986 to 9-2-2013) was the first horse to live at the Wild Orban Ranch and was loved by Cathy, Ivy, and many children in Rogers County who believed he was the prettiest horse in Claremore.


Diez (Lost April 6, 2014; b July 1981).  Alaina’s first love.


Sunny (Alaina’s main man)


Sammy/Jazzy (Alaina’s dressage mount on periodic lone from Gena G)


Pico (Ivy’s guy living the dream in Glenco with his BFF Bob)


Kismet (Ivy’s Jumping Horse)


Splash (Cathy’s project).


Sister (off to Angie’s place for a brood mare career) – her first baby is Geronimo!

P1460526 - Copy - Copy 20150503_110003

Geronimo – Gman – Zanns Escape Artist (pending) – Ivy’s 2-yearold project for 2017


Breathe Right – AKA Cosmic Charles – Alaina’s favorite dressage mount


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