One Week Until the Will Rogers Classic!

And Winter has retuIMG_4165rned to the Wild O Ranch.  Rogers County and NE OK is under a winter storm watch tonight after a high in the 70’s yesterday.  My rose bushes, crocus, trees, and horses think its coming spring.  Splash is busy loosing white hairs onto every clothing surface and he got an ear/bridle path trim too.  Even so, he will be very hairy for the classic next week.

IMG_4164Mario and Splash took Mallory and me on a little trail ride Friday morning at Claremore Late.  Then, Friday afternoon Ivy and Abby rode Mario for a little video tape to show off his Cadillac moves.

IMG_4175IMG_4190Expecting the other weather shoe to drop, we were lucky to get a Party Lesson in Saturday morning.  After a freezing start, we were melting by ten and only Alaina was prepared for the balmy temperatures with her summer time tank top.  We had a little Disciple Rail to finish the lesson which was fun.  Ivy practiced showmanship with Splash and Alaina worked on Ranch Trail with Sunny.  Ranch Trail and Ranch Pleasure will be new at the District Horse Show and at State.  Splash and I will try RT at the WRC next weekend.

IMG_4278Before that happens, we have to get ride of any icy mix on the roads so that I can make a quick trip to Kansas and then, hopefully, warm up a bit for the show.  We can use some help with announcing and ring stewarding at the show on both days, so give me a call if you can help us out.  And, don’t forget that spring really is right around the corner.  Thank goodness.

IMG_4168PS – ever notice how some people have to color code their horses to tell them apart?  Or each horse got to choose their fav. color?



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Lucky the Paint Yearling

IMG_4014 IMG_3978What a beautiful weekend – warm and lovely.  Apparently the groundhog who saw his shadow was mistaken because it felt very spring like.

Last weekend we managed a party lesson on Saturday but my plot for a trail ride on Sunday IMG_4100was foiled by the record book interviews the girls had in the afternoon.  The work week was intense but no party lesson because the 4-H State Horse Communication Contest was held in Stillwater.  Ivy and Alaina competed in Quiz Bowl, Illustrated Presentation and Team problem solving.  Their QB team made the semi-finals, Ivy and Lyndsey placed 2nd in IMG_3920their speech and Alaina, Maddie, Lyndsey, and Lara placed third in Team Problem Solving.  They enjoyed the day while I lamented missing my ride on such a beautiful day.

On Sunday, Ivy and I rode our ponies before lunch.  Both have started to shed a bit which is not surprising with the lengthening days and warm temperatures (in the 70’s this weekend).  We started with a mini-trail ride to warm up and Ivy finished with jumping.

IMG_4062You may know about Lucky the Paint yearling donated to the horse club as a fundraising raffle.  Lucky has not been handled and Ron C volunteered to train him to halter lead and trailer.  Ron uses the Clinton Anderson method and the club got the opportunity to watch Ron start the process on Sunday afternoon.  We were able to stay for a couple of hours and they made a lot of progress.  Then, we visited Sister on our way home.

IMG_4097 IMG_4090 IMG_4086Sister is looking a little bit pregnant but still remembers some of her showmanship moves.  Ivy loves seeing her back and pivot off-lead even after all this time.  Sister’s palomino paint pasture mate is Alaina’s favorite and really likes the attention when we visit.

If spring is really here, we need to get a trail ride going.  Perhaps next Sunday?  Ahh, just what I need.  More riding in my future.

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Stockyards City!

IMG_3762Patty, Trista, Stephanie, Ivy and I went to OKC on Saturday for the ODS/AGM and awards banquet.  Naturally, the day was perfect for riding and we didn’t ride.  We had a great time and after the meeting we shopped the stockyards for boots, cloths, and hats.  Shorty’s had moved but Ivy found a few good hats at Little Joe’s but couldn’t choose just one to get. IMG_3799

On our way home, we drove through Stillwater and Glenco to visit Pico.  Pico has gained a little weight at the P&J Spa for Aged Equines and is looking “fluffy.”  He, Bob and Bert were very happy to have a few treats.  My riding plans for Sunday fell through so I guess I will have to wait until next weekend for my equine therapy.IMG_3821 IMG_3788 IMG_3784 IMG_3798

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Beware the IDES of January

10897884_940978792580686_5494054320119556067_nWonky weather.  After weeks of dreary and at times VERY COLD, we have a warm-up and a bit of sunshine.  So far, 2014 is Equine Therapy Poor and I am in serious need of some ride time with my horsey friends.  After my brave ride on the frigid Sunday before last, I have a work trip to Kansas and spent to much time outside touring a facility in 2 degrees with wind-blown snow without adequate clothing.  It stayed below freezing and dampened my riding enthusiasm.  So Maria H and I went to a musical play matinee on Saturday afternoon.  “Once” was really fun, great music and charming story.  No Horses.

FullSizeRenderNo riding weather on Sunday and a LONG work week.

Yippeeeeee – Friday off and riding weather.  Finally.  I plan to ride tomorrow, Party Lesson on Saturday, and drill team practice on Sunday.  YaYa!


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Happy New Year – Lunch Only

IMG_3453The Alaina gargoyle was perched INSIDE since we had soggy/cold/colder weather for the first few days of 2015.  Alas, no YAYA trailride but we did manage a mini group lunch on New Year’s day with Kathy, Bev, Rita, Jennifer, Ashlyn, Susan and me; then on Saturday we met for lunch again with some of the party lesson girls – Gena, Joann, Patty, Bev, and Rosetta.  With rain and temps in the low thirties, riding was not appealing.  Then, today it got COLD – high of 24 and the ponies are hoping for blankets tonight.  They got lucky and are bedded down in the barn with blankets on tight.

IMG_3479On Saturday, we thought the rain had stopped.  We were wrong.  But Ivy wanted to visit Sister and we figured it was as warm as it was going to get.  It was drizzly and cold so our visit was very short.  Sister is all about the hay.  She might be a little bit pregnant.  All of Angie’s ponies love horse snacks.

But after weeks of clouds, drizzle, snow, and no riding, the sun came out on Sunday.  Did I mention it was cold?  Patty suggested a ride and I gathered my cold weather gear and headed to Inola for a little ET on Cote’.  Wow, he is a fun horse.

IMG_3492We worked in the arena until we were sure Prince was not going to buck and until I felt comfortable on my mount (thanks for the ride Angie).  We walked and trotted, did a few circles and then tried a canter.  Our canter departs were not prompt – Splash is a little more responsive if you don’t count the spurs and whip needed.  So, I got a whip and got my canters.  The we went out back in the tree farm and had a lovely ride.  My boots and gloves are really warm, my nose got a little chilled.  But I sure needed that equine therapy before I go back to work tomorrow and to Kansas Tuesday.  I am already ready for spring.

IMG_3501 IMG_3495

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Christmas – Saved by the Bun

IMG_3842IMG_3887Hope your Christmas has been wonderful – full of family, friends, and fun.  Kale came home last night in time for chili and Christmas Eve traditions.  Now that the kids IMG_3869are a bit older (even when not acting their age), they entertain themselves with their devices, old style pool, stalking with corks (not knives), and other sibling pursuits.

At the wild Orban ranch, Christmas was saved by the bun.  I was hanging on the couch, doing the usual couch potato activities (read:  messing with photos, cruising the internet, looking at recipes, or Facebook), when, the No. 2 ball, propelled by the cue ball, shot by an aggravated Kale (recently skunked by Alaina), beaned me on the back of the head.

IMG_3872 IMG_3875 IMG_3874It should have hurt.  Or knocked me out.  Or require a trip to the ER.  But, the accuracy of Kale’s 2 ball, missing the pocket, hit square on the back of my bun.  It turns out that having my hair up was a good plan.

So, we got to partake of additional traditions – reading the night before Christmas (2 versions), and hanging the stockings with care, and taking a couple of photos.

Merry Christmas – Love to you all.IMG_3947 IMG_3928 IMG_3896 IMG_3885 IMG_3880 IMG_3879 IMG_3868 IMG_3865 IMG_3863 IMG_3859 IMG_3857 IMG_3952IMG_3951


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December and Mr. Bingle

IMG_3235 IMG_3233Jingle, jangle, jingle – Here comes Mr. Bingle –

With another message from Kris Kringle –
Time to launch your Christmas season –
Maison Blanche makes Christmas pleasin’ – Gifts galore for you to see – Each a gem from MB!
Now you Know.  Mr. Bingle was originally an advertising theme for Maison Blanche in 1947 in New Orleans.  Steff-F brought Mr. B to my attention.  Who knew?
IMG_3123 IMG_3152Since my last post, I have traveled to LA and New Orleans, celebrated the 16th birthday with the twins, and traveled to Stillwater to hang out with my college roommate Pam in OKC to see the final four woman’s college volleyball championships, stopped by Pat G’s to visit Pico; and, IMG_3219Steve replaced the flooring in the girls’ room and re-organized lots of STUFF.  Oh, Steve and Trisha had birthdays too.  Are we ready for Christmas?  That would be a big – fat – NO.  And, sadly IMG_3215lacking in enough Equine Therapy too although we did get a little party  lesson on Saturday before the parade before Patty headed to England for a visit with Clayton and Mallory and I had a Clinton Anderson ride the Friday before the parade.  I got to try ‘cruising’ on Mario the Cadillac of ponies.  Very Fun.  BTW – Segway’s are fun too.
IMG_3100 - CopyWhile in New Orleans, I had a different kind of ride – on a Segway.  I took a tour of NO on the pad of a Segway.  My Segway  mount was named Mahalia Jackson – take a Segway tour of your next travel destination, it is way fun.
NOW – and I mean Today!  We need to get the tree, bake cookies, wrap a few presents, decorate the tree, and figure out what else needs to happen before we get to Christmas Day.   Got to Go! 


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Friday Lesson and Three Parties in one Weekend

IMG_3799Four parties if you count the GCC/ODS party I had to miss.  But we did do the 4-H Year-end Banquet most of the day Saturday, Amy’s 21st Sat. evening, and our YaYa Xmas party Sunday evening.  No time to ride on Sat/Sun; so Mallory and I had a lesson on Friday morning.

Just enough rain fell Friday morning to dampen Splash and provide mud clumps to for me to smear with the grooming brush before saddling.  Mallory and I took Arty and Splash to a pre-weekend mini-party lesson in the mizzel or drist before lunch at our fav. Mexican place in Catoosa.  After warming up, we did shoulder-in and leg-yield at the walk – then trot before finishing with walk/trot/canter/roll-backs.

IMG_3739Saturday we went to the 4-H Year-End Banquet as well as Amy’s 21st B-day party.  Fun.

IMG_2790After a lazy Sunday afternoon, the YAYA sisters partied at Sherry’s with Dirty Santa (Steal Steal Steal)

I am NOT ready for the holiday season.  But I can’t wait for all the fun.

Oh, I almost forgot, Ivy won High Point Jr. Training Level with Kizzy as well as the Jaime Perpetual Award for a drawing of draft horses inspired by the clinic with Sula R last summer.

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Equine Yoga Class

IMG_2838Finally!  A quickie party lesson before heading to Tulsa for my niece Andrea’s baby shower on Thanksgiving weekend.  Splash hasn’t had real work for weeks and was channeling his inner Western Pleasure Pony.  Highs on Saturday were in the 7o’s and with the winter hair coming in, Splash and I worked up a sweat.  We were suffering from Turkey-Day eating and Patty lead us in a series of mounted yoga poses.

Vertical Cobra (legs back/stretched down), Seated Tree (stretching each arm and leg, same side, up and down), Moving Mountain (legs released and naturally falling into place), Windmill Warrior (alternating arm circles), Neck Warrior (ear to shoulder stretch), Knee Bridge (heel to butt), Equine Child Pose (knees over pommel/forehead to mane), and Inverted Happy Baby (collapse hugging horse’s neck) just prior to DOWN DOG (what your horse thinks when you finally dismount).

IMG_2742Gena G joined us with Sammy, the girls had their mounts, and I tried to remind Splash that he Can move out.  After yoga, we did leg yields both ways and a little cavaletti work before concentrating on canter circles.  Splash got both leads but transitions were sluggish so we tried roll-backs to improve the transitions.  That resulted in some concentrated pivot “cues” (needed to use the whip to get the change of directions), then, back to canter departs and roll backs – better.  Whew.  While the rest of the group took turns on canter circles, Splash and I worked on turns in the box, side-passes around the box, and walk, stop, stretch down, walk, stop, back, etc.  We have some work to do before the next show season.IMG_2736

Last weekend, the party lesson girls skipped riding in the cold rain and tried a new lunch place on 412 and the River called I Don’t Care Bar and Grill.  We had a fun, LONG lunch with our horsie friends and the food was mostly good.  After lunch, the weather cleared a bit and the girls went with me to visit a dog needing a home.  We pulled most of IMG_2860the burrs from his coat and had a good visit before going across 20 and checking on Sister in her maternity hangout.  After working the Rt. 66 Marathon on Sunday morning, we went back to Michelle’s and picked up Panda  (AKA Panda Pup, Panda Bear, or Black Puppy).  Panda and Jet got off to a rough start, but Jet is adjusting and Panda is settling in.

IMG_2893After a Wednesday full of mighty preparations – cooking pies and cranberries and cheese sauce (me), chocolate tort (Alaina), baklava (Ivy), rolls/cinnamon rolls and cauliflower (Steve), Thanksgiving was a lovely day to visit family in Nowata.  Turkey and all the fixing plus some extra and more desserts than you can mention.  Yum.


On Friday, Steve and I visited Paula and Jimmy to check out their manure spreader – Steve liked it and a deal was made.  Now the spreader is residing in Claremore waiting some new tires and a return to duty.

The balmy temps started to drop mid-day on Sunday so Kale, Ivy and I worked in a yard ride.  Ivy tried her first time jumping Kismet bareback (bareback pad) and the first jump was pretty big, the second was better so they quit while they were ahead.  Kale rode Sunny up and over mini-mountains in our trail practice area and Splash focused on green grass before it is too late.

December and winter are here – baton down the hatches and clean out the fireplaces.

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Winter Preview

IMG_2619No rain or snow were forecast for Saturday but it started sleeting/raining hard as soon as Ivy started warming Kizzy up for her lesson with Tom P.  Both were pretty wet by lesson time and Ivy’s gloves were to wet to wear.

IMG_3501They started the lesson with Ivy warming up at the trot while Tom evaluated.  Ivy needs to keep closer, even contact, keep hands together, and not allow counter bend.  Ivy tends to release her right hand, which when combined with Kizzy’s left bend preference, results in loss of straightness.  Tom says Kizzy needs more work to the right and LOTS of leg yields to help supple him.  When leg yielding, use no inside rein.  They need to work on transitions both up and down.  For canter departs, the exercise they used was to leg yield from quarter line to rail and canter depart at the same time as an inside turn to the center.  Canter leg yields as well as trotting leg yields with more to the right to help strengthen that side.  Thanks Tom and thanks to Carolyn H for sponsoring Ivy’s ride!

IMG_2702The winter weather came in earnest on Sunday morning and it snowed all day with temperatures below freezing most of the day.  Luckily, the white stuff didn’t last long and roads were clear by Monday morning.  The bad news is that we are in the deep freeze this week with nighttime temps in the teens and highs in the thirties with slow warming toward the weekend which might include rain.  I get to head north to Kansas on Tuesday where I am sure it will be much warmer. NOT.

IMG_2627Although we missed out on the party lesson, the girls, Patty and I went to the Randolph/Tackett wedding in Tulsa on Saturday evening with a fun reception at the Cain’s Ballroom.  Fun wedding and the girls clean-up pretty good.

I am looking forward to riding Splash this weekend either at a party lesson or on a little trail ride.  I need my ET!

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