Spring and a Little Rain

Screenshot_2015-05-16-23-47-21Tide Pools in the driveway and mud everywhere else.  Oklahoma Wild Weather the last few weeks has included the usual springtime rain, hail, wind, and tornadoes as well as tigers escaped from a wildlife park when a tornado went through.  In addition, a horse near Collinsville has injuries that look like a mountain lion attack and a big cat has been seen in the area.  Yikkes.

So much rain since March has washed out 2 dressage shows and put a serious cramp in our practice at the wild O Ranch arena which is currently a federally recognized wetland.  Our next (re-scheduled) dressage show is scheduled for next weekend at the Rocking C but the forecast looks like more rain so I won’t hold my breath.

Luckily for Ivy and Geronimo, wet pasture doesn’t prevent a little training for baby on a regular basis.  Ivy visits G-man almost every day and he has had a variety of visitors including: 20150502_095013Patty and Larry, Kathy, Pam and Lily, Lauren, Allie, Abby and her family and a friend, and Claire and Kerry.

One dressage schooling show at Prairie Lane wasn’t rained out so Ivy and I took Kizzy and Splash and Alaina tried Max in an intro class.  The arena is the same one where Splash was injured by taking a bad step in an unstable location between C and M.  Now there are more bad locations with big holes to try to avoid.  My riding was sub-par as I tried to avoid the bad spots.  Even so, we scored 63.636 in T3, 62.419 in WDB-I, and 62.205 in WDB-IV; we received a few 7.5s and nothing lower than 6 in T3.  Our western scores were a bit lower because Splash lost balance more easily when I was not consistent with my rein length.  Alaina road Max in I-C and received a 60.000.  Not bad for their 2nd ride together.  Ivy and Kizzy received 64.782 for T-1 and 63.409 for T-3 and Judge Lyn Francik says he is a beautiful horse with lots of potential.

20150508_183918I planned on riding in the show this weekend but Splash was one-legged lame (front right) at ride night Tuesday.  He got his hooves trimmed on Monday and it has been very wet in the pasture for the last few weeks.  Cross fingers he is sound soon.  I will take him to Expo tomorrow to check him out.  Even if I can’t ride in the show, I will go to help scribe and to check out Joyful Noise farm in Pryor.  And hang out with my horsey friends.

Ivy and Alaina competed at the district 4-H horse show on May 9 and both have qualified to go to the State Horse Show.  Alaina and Sunny will compete in Trail (they placed 5th), the only class she was able to ride because of Track conflicts.  Ivy showed20150508_125813 Splash in Halter, Showmanship and Trail (10th) qualifying him in Halter and Trail.  She showed Kismet in Hunter Under Saddle, Hunt Seat Eq, and Hunter Hack (3rd); they will ride HSE and HH at State.

Ivy has been working with Geronimo every day she can talk a parent into letting her drive to Angie’s.  He is learning to lead and hold his feet for picking as well as to be tied for grooming.


20150508_183939The big news is that Angie has bred Sister to The Ultimate Fancy, a very nice sorrel paint stallion (http://www.theultimatefancy.com/The%20Ultimate%20Fancy.htm Tufs_lope_shot_only).  “We” hope for a buckskin paint next year.  Angie’s paint mare Rosie is bred to a perlino stallion so their could be an buckskin/palomino paint baby from that match too (http://eagleridgefarm1.homestead.com/midasintro.html ).  Very Exciting.  Also, Kathy B’s new filly is a half sister to Sister’s next baby – she is out of Ultimate Fancy!  How fun is that?

20150503_163250Even though wet weather has restricted our riding both at home and on the trail for the last couple of months, we have ridden at Kerry’s between the weather fronts.  Hopefully, Splash will be sound soon and we can ride the range.


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