IMG_7635Sister had her baby this week – Monday morning at 3:30am to be exact.  But first, she acted like she was in labor Friday night (no go), Saturday night (not yet), and Sunday night.  The girls and I held vigil with Angie until midnight when we gave up the watch and went home – school/work in the morning and Sister might have waited another day or 3.  Sister is turning out to be a good momma – pretty tolerant of people in the stall and messing with her baby.

Snapchat--6120745073110983722IMG_6572Baby Geronimo is a buckskin stud colt with very long legs, an adorable little tail and no white markings of any kind.  He is pretty cute in his big ear, skinny, leggy way.  He may grow up to be pretty big since his sire is 17-2; you can check him out at his farm website .  Ivy is in love and apparently favors those buckskin boys.


20150404_102208We have been having other horsey fun before the blessed event including a party lesson last weekend that was all about the trail obstacles.  The weekend prior, we had the St. Jude Trail ride and the weekend 20150404_115310before that, the 2nd 4-H Point show of the year.  But I was down for the count with 2-weeks of antibiotics needed to beat a tick induced bacterial infection.  Add a couple of work trips to Kansas and you can tell I was distracted from my normal blogging activities.

20150329_112232We had a beautiful day for the St. Jude trail ride at the Flying M and raised over 600 dollars for the cause.  11081087_856052751099794_2643099172222763808_nWe tried out a new route since it was a bit soggy in the low lying areas.  The Flying M is a lovely place to ride with all my horsey friends.

The point show was a small, relaxed affair compared with the Will Rogers Classic.  We had a trail ride at Tom and Kerry’s the day 20150328_142910after that and the girls went to an NEO horsemanship clinic the day before the St. Jude ride and to the 4-H county banquet after the ride.

So, we have been horsing around.  Just a little.






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Equine obsessed woman who loves to ride horses, talk about horses, photograph horses/riders, shop for horse stuff, look at horse adds, admire fences, barns, trucks and trailers, and do all things horsey with my kids and friends.
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