First Show of the Season!!! Done.

20150307_095631Splash would rather have stayed home to eat grass or whatever.  The Will Rogers Classic is finally in the books after the weather delay.  Alaina and Sunny did showmanship, English (except hunter hack), and western (substituting Ranch Pleasure for Western Pleasure).  Ivy showed Splash in Halter and Showmanship and then Kismet in English.  Splash and I did showmanship, English (NO jumping), trail, ranch pleasure and western horsemanship.  Ivy and Kizzy were 1/2 in jumping Sat/Sun and the Orban teams were 1st place ranch pleasure both days in our age groups.  20150308_094452Ranch pleasure is fun – a big pattern with extension, collection and some kind of obstacle, lead change, turns, stops and backs.  This is a new class designed to show a horse in more natural frame and movement (compared to WP) and mane banding and hoof black are prohibited.  Blingy saddle and show clothes are discouraged.  So, I left Splash’s mane long, removed my pink rhinestone pin, and didn’t even bath my horse.  What a slacker – but it has been to cold to bath.

20150307_094533I had a lot of fun and got my session of Equine Thereapy.  Splash and I were seriously outclassed by the competition, and he was pretty snarky on Saturday.  Very buddy sour which lead to fussy transitions, head tossing and resistant  backs.  And lots of calling for his friends.  Ugh.  So we did some Clintonizing Sunday morning and he was much better in my showmanship class – had a pretty good pattern but still came last.  HUS was pretty good – correct leads, no dropped gaits – HSE also mostly good.  Still came last.  Our trail was much better than Sat with only a little bobble on the sidepass and an ALMOST step out in the box.  We worked alot in the warmup pen away from Sunny and Kizzy and whenever possible, we stood on the opposite side from the trailer and his friends to practice standing still and waiting patiently.  Further training needed.

20150217_211713Sunny is a natural at Ranch Pleasure and still a really good trail pony.  Kismet has made huge progress slowing the HUS, getting more precise on pattern work, and minimizing the head toss on transitions.  And, he cleans up really well without bathing.  Sunny, not so much since his white mane and tail are really tan.

20150307_111227White Pony (AKA Guy) made his WRC debut with Sheila B in the schooling classes.  As always, he was on his best behaviors and gave Sheila nice rides and a fun day.  It is so much fun to show with my girlfriends.  Kathy B has news too – she has a new mare in her life moving to Claremore in the near future.   Exciting developments for sure. 

Now that spring seems to be closer, I am so ready for more trail rides and Party Lessons.  Next weekend perhaps?


                                          One more thing!  Our very own Sydney R won the First Annual WRC Walk/Trot Western Pleasure Buckle Challenge!  The class was so large, it was judged in heats.  Lots of beautiful horses, accomplished riders, and serious competition.  Way to Go Sydney!


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