Horse Induced Injury

IMG_4533                     But…. I didn’t fall off.

20150301_135408Since my last post, we had to re-schedule the Will Rogers Classic until March 7/8 – This weekend.  What have we been doing?  Not enough horsing around, that’s for sure.  We did manage a party lesson on the 22nd, before the COLD weather descended and STAYED.  Icy on the 23rd, more snow on the 24th, and I cancelled my KS trip, then another winter weather weekend with a micro warm-up.  So, off to KS on Monday only to evacuate Tuesday night when the next winter mix was headed Oklahoma way with more teeth than expected.  School was cancelled Wed/Thurs and the temperatures are finally expected to go up just in time for the Classic this weekend.  It is still ridiculously mucky, but moisture is moisture,  so we better take it.

20150301_141237 20150301_142557At our last lesson a couple of weeks ago, Splash was pretty snarky.  He even aimed a hoof my direction during our mounting preparations.  Bad Move Splash.  We moved some feet – forward/backward/left/right until he apologized in horse language.  After that rough start, he straightened out and we had a pretty good lesson before headed to our fav Mexican place in Catoosa.  IMG_4472 IMG_4465 IMG_4461We managed a ride night a couple of days later and Splash was pretty good for Abby.  Then winter prevented any more fun until the snow quit last Sunday.  The 3 inches of snow were topped with a half inch of frozen crust which made for some tricky footing.

20150301_140651 20150301_141132Ivy/Kizzy and me/Splash took a tiptoe ride around the pasture.  Ivy was bareback to take advantage of her heat-seat horse and I decided to take a photo.  Imagine that.  With the reins in my teeth, gloves under one arm and whip under the other, I was waiting for Kizzy to smile when.  Without warning.  Splash jumped sideways 20 feet.  He (and Ivy and Kizzy) saw…. gasp…. a coyote.  I didn’t fall off.  I should have.  I pulled a IMG_4584serious muscle from the back of the knee all the way up.  That hurt so bad I couldn’t dismount.  So, we rode to the arena, walked and trotted and slipped around before going back around the pasture to remind Splash that he can not direct riding or dismounting.

IMG_4454I have been babying my injury and it is somewhat better.  I plan to ride at the classic anyway.  It might not be pretty.  But I am going to have fun with my horsey friends Sheila, Allison, and Stacy (and others) riding with me.  Hope to have visits from my YaYa’s down at the Claremore expo starting at 9 am on Sat.IMG_4393 IMG_4406IMG_4464


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Equine obsessed woman who loves to ride horses, talk about horses, photograph horses/riders, shop for horse stuff, look at horse adds, admire fences, barns, trucks and trailers, and do all things horsey with my kids and friends.
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