Equine Yoga Class

IMG_2838Finally!  A quickie party lesson before heading to Tulsa for my niece Andrea’s baby shower on Thanksgiving weekend.  Splash hasn’t had real work for weeks and was channeling his inner Western Pleasure Pony.  Highs on Saturday were in the 7o’s and with the winter hair coming in, Splash and I worked up a sweat.  We were suffering from Turkey-Day eating and Patty lead us in a series of mounted yoga poses.

Vertical Cobra (legs back/stretched down), Seated Tree (stretching each arm and leg, same side, up and down), Moving Mountain (legs released and naturally falling into place), Windmill Warrior (alternating arm circles), Neck Warrior (ear to shoulder stretch), Knee Bridge (heel to butt), Equine Child Pose (knees over pommel/forehead to mane), and Inverted Happy Baby (collapse hugging horse’s neck) just prior to DOWN DOG (what your horse thinks when you finally dismount).

IMG_2742Gena G joined us with Sammy, the girls had their mounts, and I tried to remind Splash that he Can move out.  After yoga, we did leg yields both ways and a little cavaletti work before concentrating on canter circles.  Splash got both leads but transitions were sluggish so we tried roll-backs to improve the transitions.  That resulted in some concentrated pivot “cues” (needed to use the whip to get the change of directions), then, back to canter departs and roll backs – better.  Whew.  While the rest of the group took turns on canter circles, Splash and I worked on turns in the box, side-passes around the box, and walk, stop, stretch down, walk, stop, back, etc.  We have some work to do before the next show season.IMG_2736

Last weekend, the party lesson girls skipped riding in the cold rain and tried a new lunch place on 412 and the River called I Don’t Care Bar and Grill.  We had a fun, LONG lunch with our horsie friends and the food was mostly good.  After lunch, the weather cleared a bit and the girls went with me to visit a dog needing a home.  We pulled most of IMG_2860the burrs from his coat and had a good visit before going across 20 and checking on Sister in her maternity hangout.  After working the Rt. 66 Marathon on Sunday morning, we went back to Michelle’s and picked up Panda  (AKA Panda Pup, Panda Bear, or Black Puppy).  Panda and Jet got off to a rough start, but Jet is adjusting and Panda is settling in.

IMG_2893After a Wednesday full of mighty preparations – cooking pies and cranberries and cheese sauce (me), chocolate tort (Alaina), baklava (Ivy), rolls/cinnamon rolls and cauliflower (Steve), Thanksgiving was a lovely day to visit family in Nowata.  Turkey and all the fixing plus some extra and more desserts than you can mention.  Yum.


On Friday, Steve and I visited Paula and Jimmy to check out their manure spreader – Steve liked it and a deal was made.  Now the spreader is residing in Claremore waiting some new tires and a return to duty.

The balmy temps started to drop mid-day on Sunday so Kale, Ivy and I worked in a yard ride.  Ivy tried her first time jumping Kismet bareback (bareback pad) and the first jump was pretty big, the second was better so they quit while they were ahead.  Kale rode Sunny up and over mini-mountains in our trail practice area and Splash focused on green grass before it is too late.

December and winter are here – baton down the hatches and clean out the fireplaces.


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Equine obsessed woman who loves to ride horses, talk about horses, photograph horses/riders, shop for horse stuff, look at horse adds, admire fences, barns, trucks and trailers, and do all things horsey with my kids and friends.
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