Winter Preview

IMG_2619No rain or snow were forecast for Saturday but it started sleeting/raining hard as soon as Ivy started warming Kizzy up for her lesson with Tom P.  Both were pretty wet by lesson time and Ivy’s gloves were to wet to wear.

IMG_3501They started the lesson with Ivy warming up at the trot while Tom evaluated.  Ivy needs to keep closer, even contact, keep hands together, and not allow counter bend.  Ivy tends to release her right hand, which when combined with Kizzy’s left bend preference, results in loss of straightness.  Tom says Kizzy needs more work to the right and LOTS of leg yields to help supple him.  When leg yielding, use no inside rein.  They need to work on transitions both up and down.  For canter departs, the exercise they used was to leg yield from quarter line to rail and canter depart at the same time as an inside turn to the center.  Canter leg yields as well as trotting leg yields with more to the right to help strengthen that side.  Thanks Tom and thanks to Carolyn H for sponsoring Ivy’s ride!

IMG_2702The winter weather came in earnest on Sunday morning and it snowed all day with temperatures below freezing most of the day.  Luckily, the white stuff didn’t last long and roads were clear by Monday morning.  The bad news is that we are in the deep freeze this week with nighttime temps in the teens and highs in the thirties with slow warming toward the weekend which might include rain.  I get to head north to Kansas on Tuesday where I am sure it will be much warmer. NOT.

IMG_2627Although we missed out on the party lesson, the girls, Patty and I went to the Randolph/Tackett wedding in Tulsa on Saturday evening with a fun reception at the Cain’s Ballroom.  Fun wedding and the girls clean-up pretty good.

I am looking forward to riding Splash this weekend either at a party lesson or on a little trail ride.  I need my ET!


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