Schooling Show Championships

DSC01985My work trip last week was to Salt Lake City for Train the Trainer Training… Long overdue since I have been training for a long time.  2 days of training and my flight from SLC was scheduled to arrive in Tulsa at 10:24.  pm.  Friday Night.  Needless to say, I did not sign up for Splash and me to ride.  Nor did I let Alaina ride since I would have had to find a way to pick up Sammy from Tiawah sometime before show time.  Ivy and Kismet showed T3 in the schooling show and in the championships placing 1st and 2nd respectively with scores of 61.800 and 61.200.  I scribed for the open show in the morning.

For the first test in the open show, Ivy and Kismet were mostly 6.0 and 6.5 with one 7.5 (right 20-m canter circle), 5.5 (both canter transitions), and 5.0 (final halt at X).  Judge Susan Lang recommended more clarity of bend in IMG_2569serpentines, more forward walks, and working into outside rein for better balance.  So, with those directives in mind, the scores went up to 7.5 for the first loop and left canter circle with several additional “7s.”  Alas, the total score was bought down with a “playful” left lead canter depart (5) and “bucking into right lead canter (4) – both coefficient of 2.  Collective marks were also reduced for “harmony” and “effective” use of aids.  Ivy thinks that his canter depart problems are related to a neck issue but I haven’t been able to see what she sees.

Overall, a fun day at a fun show.  Splash and I would have had our work cut out for us in Western Dressage Classes since there were quite a few really nice entries including Angie S on the magnificent Cote’ as well as Amy E, Kelly F and Cheryl H on their nice ponies.  And, Socks made his show debut with Audrey M onboard for the western futurity class – way to go Socks, Audrey, and Marsha!

The relatively warm fall we have had so far ends NOW as the Polar Vortex arrives from Canada with predictions for temps well below freezing every night this week and wintery mix forecast for the weekend.  Bummer, so much for pretty fall colors.  Break out the winter woolies!



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