Hoof It 5K

IMG_1301October has been a whirlwind with a couple of trips to Kansas, the Hoof It 5K, Junior Dressage Camp, and a trip to Colorado for work added to the usual school, volleyball, and cross-country activities.  Needless to say, I have not been on my horse in a few weeks, so if I sound grumpy, you could prescribe some ET for me.

IMG_1344The Hoof It run went on in the drizzle/rain/cold with a very light turnout.  We will try again next year and hope for nice fall weather.  The shirts ARE cool and we have plenty left.  Ivy won her age group and was the first woman overall so has one of the very cool plaques.  Cody (a 4-H boy) was the overall winner running in jeans and socks.  The Harvey boys were 2nd and 4th overall.

Splash made a new friend after the Hoof It race – Abby, a horse loving girl from a horse loving family recently moved to the Claremore Country.  No horse in their pasture yet.  So, Abby gave Splash a couple IMG_1526of rides at ride night and then took him to Junior Camp.  Abby was the most excited horse caretaker ever and she cleaned Splash’s stall after every deposit, braided flowers in his mane, fed him hay and dinner, groomed him, and loved on him.  In return, Splash stepped on Abby’s foot twice and pushed past her into the barn aisle and ran away into the arena looking for his barn buddies when she was working on his stall.  Even so, Abby did really well in her lessons with Claudia M and Sherry G.  IMG_1565

The equine infection has taken and my work here is done.

Melissa and Richal ran a fabulous Junior Camp and our DSC01590accommodations at the FUMC of Owasso were extensive.  The girls (15 of them aged 10 through 18) ate lots of sugar, ran wild with their ponies, had excellent learning experiences with their trainers, got along well, stayed up too late, and survived a glitter explosion.  They are suggesting a 3-day camp next year but I think the 2-day format is all this mom can handle.

DSC01215Ivy and Kismet made excellent progress in their lessons and Kizzy was visited by several old friends from his days living at Prairie Lane.  Gena generously loaned Alaina Sammy and he may become a dressage horse yet although he take his job as Mongolian war horse pretty seriously.  Both girls got to ride with the Equicube, a weight device (recently found by Sherry at a national dressage training event) carried with the reins to help with balance, core muscles, and hand position.  It’s not as easy as you would think to hold a 4.2 pound weight with your reins and ride.  Check out the website for more info: http://www.equicube.net .

After camp, Ivy and I headed to the Flying M on Saturday night to help with the Acropalyse Haunted Hay Ride.  Ivy was made up zombie style and I helped park cars in the hay field.  Parking people who don’t follow directions can be frightening.  We will be back at the Flying M Friday (www.mooresflyingm.com ) evening so come on out and take FRIGHT!

Meanwhile, I am plotting a trail ride on Sunday morning at the Dog Iron Ranch – should be fun and a new place to go with Lora S before she heads off to FLA with out us.  Yaya Ride for Equine Therapy ASAP!

IMG_1645 DSC01303


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