100 Years of the Rogers County Free Fair at Claremore Expo

IMG_0243The Roger County Free Fair was the best and biggest in years and the horse shows were no exception.  Of course fair food was very tempting and the girls survived the weekend on corndogs, kettle corn, cotton candy, and lemonade.  And snow cones.  And funnel cakes – not red velvet since those were sold out.  Slacker parents better provide extra veggies this week to make up for that diet.  Ivy entered focaccia bread, a pencil drawing of draft horses, a photograph, and a mix media drawing of Little Red Riding Hood.  Alaina entered yellow cake and a photograph.  Both IMG_0179girls’ photos will go on to the Tulsa State Fair since they were First Place in their 4-H categories.  Alaina’s cake was delicious – no surprise since her chocolate chip cookies are the  best ever.

IMG_0181After light rain and dropping temperatures on Friday, record low-highs were expected for the show on Saturday.  After a cool start at 52 degrees, the temperature climbed to 67 – 18 degrees below the average high for the day.  Splash was a pretty good boy, mostly.  Ivy showed him in Halter Appaloosa Geldings 3 and over and was 1st place – then Grand Champion Appaloosa Geldings.  Ivy and Kizzy were Reserve Champion Buckskin Geldings 3 and over; Alaina and Sunny were Reserve Champion Palomino Geldings 3 and over.  Pretty plaques for each and purple/lavender ribbons to boot.

Ivy showed splash in 4-H Geldings (3rd) and Showmanship (5th).  Then she rode Kismet in the English Classes; 5th in HUS, 1st in HSE, and 2nd in HH.  Ivy said that when he caught sight of sheep outside the end of the arena at the conclusion of HSE, his stop and back at the last cone happened spontaneously.  Good thing the third cone was in the right place for that.

Sunny and Alaina showed English and Western classes; Showmanship (4th), HUS (4), HSE (5), Trail (4th), WP (4), and WH (4th).  Tough classes although Sunny was pretty good boy.  Alaina has very high expectations for trail and forgets that her competition is very stiff.

Splash was the best he has ever been in Showmanship for Ivy (while Sunny was in the arena with him).  Good pivots, prompt stops, willing backs and trots.  Then Sunny went with Alaina out to the trailer to tack up for English.  Splash was horrible for my showmanship pattern.  Wouldn’t stand still for the start of the pattern or for inspection and then backed around the pivot, didn’t back straight, and danced around waiting for conclusion of the class.  With out his buds, he was worried and distracted.  We were 5th of 6.  UGH.  We had a nice HUS class and placed 1st despite the fact that I stopped twice when the announcer asked for “trot” and I thought he said “halt” since I couldn’t hear properly over the band blasting from the fair.  Then placed 3rd in HSE (wrong lead, but otherwise pretty good).  One other rider also had the wrong lead and 2 others were a little wild.  On to trail and Splash was excellent.   The pattern started at the gate followed by right lead canter through parallel poles around the mail box and back though more parallel poles.  The turn was very tight and the poles messed with the minds of several horses.  Then we had cones to trot through, walk and turn in a box, walk over poles and around a cone in a box, back through, bridge, and then trot to the mail box.   We won the class and I was thrilled.  Western pleasure was to fast (4th) and WH was pretty good (3rd) with a trot square and 2 pivots and an extended trot.  IMG_0217Several of my friends joined me in the classes including Rhonda P and Tarzan (her 3 year old project), Julie L and MoJo (a 1/2 draft 1/2 saddle-bred), Abby L and Jet (her new pony), Bec and her gray filly, Namomi B and her roan mare, Amy C, and Julie H.  We had a fun day with our ponies.

IMG_0304 IMG_0297The fair winds down on Sunday with the Fun and Cloverbud shows.

Thank goodness the Fair is over.  Another day would do me in.  Next weekend we will have a lesson with Sherry G in Porter on Sunday, and, hopefully a party lesson on Saturday with our horsey friends.

I am off to Laramie tomorrow but did sneak in a little ride on Tuesday with my pony.




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