Labor Day Weekend – Four Days OFF

IMG_9741The girls had Thursday and Friday off as well as Monday.  I had to work on Thursday but got up early on Friday to ride the Splash-man in the Wild O Ranch Arena.  It was cloudy and “cool-ish” when I got mounted at about 8am; muggy until the sun came out and it warmed up fast before noon.  Splash finds our arena pretty deep for canter work and canter departs were very sluggish.  So, rather than roll backs in our narrow arena, we did canter – stop – back – canter transitions and made a little progress.  The girls didn’t join me because they don’t love their ponies.  And, they were still at a sleepover at a friends house.

IMG_9761The Go for the Gold Palomino show was in Claremore over the weekend and Ivy was a ring steward on Saturday.  All day.  I dropped her off at 7:30am and picked her up at 7:00pm.  Alaina went to Nowata with Steve to see Granddad so Splash and I went to Patty’s for the party lesson.  Rhonda, Lora, and Mallory and I had a good, HOT, lesson.  Splash was pretty sure he was being overworked while his pasture pals lounged around eating grass.  Trot work was very nice but, again, canter transitions were SLOW.  However, we did get some good serpentine/counter canter loops almost all the way to X both directions.  Our leg yields left were pretty good, but leg yields right are very hard for Splash.

After the lesson, we joined Pat, Nancy, and several hubbies for a lovely lunch at the Black Fox Cafe.  I was the slacker and didn’t bring a thing for the spread.  I got to eat anyway since my friends love me.

IMG_9777After I returned Splash to the pasture at the Wild O Ranch, I cruised Claremore looking for sponsors for the Horse Club Hoof It 5 K run – use this link to sign up to run with Ivy and Alaina at:  Judy C joined me at the Palomino show and we watched trail and lunge line classes.  We saw some really nice horses and babies.  We picked a new friend for Navajo.  Did I mention I have a spare stall?  Someone tell Steve I saw my next Palomino Show Horse.  Or perhaps a really cute cremello weanling from Texas.

After a lazy Sunday, Splash and I got to ride the Bonderosa with 17 of my horsey friends and their IMG_9857horses.  The horses seem to enjoy the outing too.  Thanks to David for prepping the trails and to Sheila for having us over.  The weather was cool after an early rain and the ride was lovely.  Afterwards, we shared pot luck and planned our next outing.  And, since the first is Rita’s birthday, we had cake too.

IMG_9893 - CopyLater that same day, Ivy and I went back to the Palomino show so she could take some photos.  The show was winding down but the Oklahoma Palomino Exhibitors Association still had a few classes to watch including the western Ranch Pleasure which is new in showing.  It looked like fun and included a large canter figure eight, trot over poles and spins.  An exhibitor may not compete in both Western Pleasure and Ranch Pleasure.

IMG_9818Alas, the weekend is over, but the hint of fall was in the air.  In just a couple of weeks we will be showing at the Rogers County Free Fair.  Splash and I will be there.




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