Three H’s – Hot, Humid, Hazey

IMG_9265Summer hasn’t given up yet.  The H’s are here and the horses are sweating mud standing in the shade – we had to rinse them off before saddling since you can’t brush wet mud.  Round bales were ready on Friday so Echo gave the final inspection before unloading.  It looks really coarse and I am afraid its not great hay since Splash the Hay Man didn’t want to try it.

We had a lovely party lesson on Saturday morning with girls and ladies riding together.  There was a nice breeze so the heat wasn’t bad.  Ivy and Alaina were riding Sunny and Kizzy; I was on Splash.  Nancy/Norman, Kathy/Call, IMG_9415Rosetta/Pasha, Sheila/Guy, Lora/paint mare, and Kathy’s new friend Shelly/Cupie rounded out our group.  After some warm up exercises, we concentrated on canter transitions.  Naturally, with Splash, we need to work hard to hold the canter.  In groups, we picked up canter, walked, picked up canter.  I wasn’t with the program and extended my canters half way around the arena (focused on maintaining the canter) when Patty wanted us to stop, back, roll back into canter all at the same time (the better to NOT run into each other).  Finally, I figured out the plan and Splash did a good job with canter transitions out of roll backs.  Shhhhh, I was using the famous German neck stretcher.

IMG_9369Amy and Sydney joined us at Black Fox for a delicious pot luck lunch.  Amy brought 87 kinds of pastries from the Mexican bakery in Tulsa.  Those plus, homemade cake by Shelly and berry coffee cake by Juli, 7 fruits/salads, humus, tabouli, tomatoes, etc. etc…..

IMG_9438We needed a nap.  But instead, we went back to Patty’s where Margret was working Bounced.  Surprise!  Ivy managed to finagle a few bounces on Bounced over the jumps.

The 3 H’s were horrible on Sunday but Ivy wanted to go out to Angie’s to visit Sister.  We had a nice visit grooming Sister.  While Ivy and I were pampering sister, Alaina was playing with Indy.  Indy is a 4-month old, 1/2 Friesian filly and a real knock-out.  Angie is going to have a fabulous dressage horse in a few years.



Doesn’t Sister look a Little Bit Pregnant?  YES!!  IMG_9396IMG_9443After waiting until evening, we loaded Kizzy and Splash to go to Patty’s to Jump (Ivy) and ride in the tree farm (me).  We dilly-dallied talking with Bev so long that Ivy got finished jumping and joined us for the tree-farm ride.  Lovely evening ride.  Wish I could do a ride every evening.



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