How to Ride – 101

1) Mount your horse

2) Stay mounted.

Who knew it was so easy?

IMG_9110Our Saturday was booked with the 4-H Horse Club HOT Horse Show at the Claremore Expo.  This show is my favorite because the kids can show in tee-shirt and jeans rather than those hot, fancy show cloths and the judges always are fast to escape the August Heat.  This year the judge was Amanda B who always does an excellent job with the kids and they like her too.  Amanda still coaches the NEO Horse Judging team but has been chosen to lead the NEO Equestrian team as well.  She is in big demand as a judge and judged the Iowa State Fair just before judging our show.

Ivy and Splash  – Halter Geldings/5, Showmanship/5, Trail/4; Ivy and Kismet – Hunter Under Saddle/5, Hunt Seat Eq/4, Hunter Hack/1; and Alaina and Sunny – Halter Geldings/6, Showmanship/4, Hunter Under Saddle/2, Hunt Seat Eq/1, Trail/3, Western Pleasure/4, Western Horsemanship/2.

Kismet was not the happiest horse.  He lost a shoe off his left front foot a few weeks ago and was a bit tender; then, 3 days after reset, he threw the shoe off the right front.  Except, it was half on and bent 90 degrees and he was very lame once we got if off.  We gave him a poultice wrap and then he seemed sound once he was re-set just 3 days before the show.  He seemed out of sorts and may be sore still.  Sunny was a very good boy, but seems to drop gait more than he used to.  I think we may need to go to injections for next year but until then, we will look into some herbal options to help his hock/cartilage problems.

IMG_9136Sunday was a bit less humid so we decided on a late afternoon ride for some ET.  We had a lovely ride in the tree farm behind Patty’s with Patty, Lora, and Amy.  Sunny and Kizzy seamed to enjoy trail salad as much as Splash does.  The grass was thick and lush thanks to all the July/August rain and the breeze made for comfortable temperatures.  Splash got a bit anxious heading back to the barn so we did a couple of backing exercises when he didn’t settle down.  Amazing stifle workout.  Evil Laugh.  Good news!  The Party Lesson is ON for next week.  By then I will need a double shot of ET.



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