You might need equine therapy if…..

… Mud daubers have made nests on your tack.  Kathy B!  I am talking to you.  Do not allow so much time off from ET again.IMG_8119IMG_8132IMG_8120






IMG_8042We had a fun horsey couple of days starting with a driving clinic for the Rogers Co. 4-H horse club by drover extraordinaire Sula R on Friday morning.  IMG_8135Sula gave a harnessing/Clydesdale presentation in her lovely barn – decorated with antiques.  Then, the kids learned to ground drive the famous Amos (a roan Clydesdale shared by Halley); they even IMG_8134pulled a big log weaving through cones.  Next, we unharnessed Amos and harnessed Hemi – a bay Clydesdale stud.  The kids all got the chance to drive a Marathon vehicle before we put the horses in their paddocks and had a weenie roast.  What a great experience for kids normally mounted on their ponies.  Thanks Sula!




IMG_8198Then Ivy and I visited Rita G’s so Ivy could ride Jurgen and I could pick up a saddle to try on Splash.  Ivy got to jump a little too.IMG_8264



We finally had a Saturday Party Lesson at Patty’s followed by pot luck at Black Fox.  Splash was “special” in the group of “Congress Paints.”  Nancy/Norman, Beverly/Jill, Kathy/Call, and Sheila/Guy represented the Paints along with IMG_8266Sydney/Joe.  Ivy got a chance to ride Little Rock since Kiz is out without a shoe.  Rosetta/Pasha represented the noble Arabian. Patty divided us into the fast group and slow group.  Mark down the date!  Splash and I were in the fast group – no worries, we were the slowest of the fast group.  After the lesson, we assembled at Black Fox for party lunch.  Cutter made his first visit with the horsey aunties and he was quite a hit.  10295695_811052348906241_247409880035681351_nAfter lunch, we took a little trail ride across the road – Ivy rode Jack (looking for a new home).

IMG_8273Later, that same day, Ivy and I with Splash in tow went to the bus barn to pick up Alaina after her trip to MO with the volley ball girls.  We were there a little early so Splash did a little weed eating for Stillwater Milling.  While we waited, 2 trains went by and Splash handled that as well as all the cars and trucks passing by like a champ.  Good boy Splash.

IMG_8300Kizzy is still shoeless, so Ivy rode Missy on a trail ride at the Bonderosa on Sunday.  Must be a record, Ivy rode 4 horses in 3 days.  She is a little bit sore.  Thanks Rita, Patty, and Kathy for sharing your ponies with Ivy.  I have been gearing up for a YaYa ride at Rita’s on Monday and the kids look forward to ridenight on Tuesday.  But, we could be hauling hay instead.

YaYa YIKES – I forgot to post this update and now two more weekends have gone by.  I will get writing and dig up some more photos.




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Equine obsessed woman who loves to ride horses, talk about horses, photograph horses/riders, shop for horse stuff, look at horse adds, admire fences, barns, trucks and trailers, and do all things horsey with my kids and friends.
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