Happy 4th – and 5th – and 6th

IMG_2441 IMG_2481 IMG_7426 IMG_7488 IMG_2397 IMG_2420 IMG_2432It was a nice holiday weekend but…. Not long enough.  The usual Nowata festivities were held and lots of fireworks (money) was burned with no serious injuries.  Whew.

The Nowata visitors included Brandon and Liz, Amanda’s clan, Rylkos, East and Westside Claremore Orbans, Billy’s babies, and BA Orbans/Wanns.  Sam and Jim represented the Nowatans.  Brenda and I took our Gaylor walk and checked in on Gramblins.  The day was sunny and cool (for July in OK) – fun.

IMG_7659Kale’s truck broke down on July 3 so Steve and Alaina took Kale back to Stillwater to work on Saturday and then Steve spent the day fixing the truck.  I believe several tools were used for un-authorized purposes.  Success, the truck is mobile again.  Ivy and I went with IMG_7669 IMG_7677 Mallory to Locust Grove to drive horses with the Ok Draft Horse and Mule Association driving clinic held a Sula R’s place ( https://www.facebook.com/pages/Oklahoma-Draft-Horse-and-Mule-Association/112284405467790 ).  We had a wonderful time taking the lines and dragging logs, carts and buggies.  ODHMA does a wonderful job with this clinic and I plan on attending next year.

IMG_7655Becky, Bruce, Hanna and Mac are a spectacular crew and driving Mac was a huge thrill.  Ivy and I will have to go to Becky’s place to play some more.  And, Becky has a lovely driving/riding Morgan for sale too.IMG_7680

Everyone has a spare stall, right?

Saturday afternoon, Ivy talked me into letting her drive out the Angie’s to visit Sister.  So, we went.  The gate was locked so we had to walk half a mile to the end of the pasture where Sister was hanging with her IMG_7689peeps.  When she saw Ivy, she came over for a pat/scratch but then went back to eating.  She looks good although she is working on mane dreadlocks.

It was wonderful to see Brandon and Liz and we hoped to see them at the Wild O Ranch for some equine therapy on Sunday.  But alas, they were unable to join us so I worked with Splash on some trail obstacles and wandered in the back pasture.  Even though we had a gully washer last weekend, the pasture is looking dry as well as very weedy.

We finished the weekend by going to town to see Wicked with Maria, Kassidy, Mallory, Damon, and Roxy.  The twins had begged to see it and it was great.  Now we all know how to be “popu-ular”!





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Equine obsessed woman who loves to ride horses, talk about horses, photograph horses/riders, shop for horse stuff, look at horse adds, admire fences, barns, trucks and trailers, and do all things horsey with my kids and friends.
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