SUMMER TIME – For the Twins

IMG_5244I still have to work.  Vacation?  That will be the relaxing trip to the 4-H state horse show in Shawnee June 19-21.  Ivy has been working Splash for showmanship/halter and Kismet for the English classes.  Alaina and Sunny are concentrating of Western – Trail in particular although they will compete in English classes as well.

I had a Denver/Laramie work trip last week so missed out on a YaYa social at El Azteca. IMG_5268 Sad Face.  Easy flight/drive to Laramie with a VERY LONG trip IMG_5279home.  I got to shelter in the restroom at DIA and saw a tornado as well as hail and serious rain.  My flight was delayed over 8 hours but I made it home safely and didn’t have to fly in scary rain storms.

IMG_5314 IMG_5323IMG_5322Last Friday, the boys (Sunny, Pico and Kizzy) received special treatments from Dr. Propp.  Teeth and Sheaths were floated and scrubbed.  Sunny had a VERY loose tooth that just fell out in Chell’s hand.  Pico got a quick xray of his right pastern problem (not his left splint bone break) which identified arthritic bone growth on the front of the joint apparently from an injury.  Bummer.

So, did we party lesson on Saturday?  The girls had a last day of school sleep over on Friday night and Patty wasn’t available.


We did manage a mini-lesson on Monday and planned a little trail ride afterwards that was rained out.  We need and will take any rain we get.IMG_5460IMG_5407On Sunday, after delivering flowers to cemeteries and visiting Granddad in Nowata, Marilyn visited and did a little trail ride with the girls.  Splash was a very good boy since he knows Marilyn is the BOSS.


While the rain fell in Inola, Ivy balanced soda cans, toothpicks/forks and Patty was very impressed.  We made plans for a Party Lesson this weekend – the last before the State Horse Show.  The girls will have to practice on their own because I promised to take photos of a wedding in Stillwater next weekend.  Seemed like a good idea when I said yes last year.  What was I thinking?



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