The Missing Month

DSCN4219Since we lost Diez, I have been distracted.  Even without the old gray mare, we have had several horse activities as well as a visit from Trisha.

IMG_4722Last weekend (May 10) was the 4-H NE District Horse Show at the Claremore Expo.  Alaina showed Sunny in halter, English, and Western.  Ivy took Splash into halter, showmanship and Western Classes and Kismet into the three English riding classes.  Alaina qualified in all her classes except halter and she will do all the riding classes she is eligible for at the State show in June.  Ivy and Kizzy qualified in all three English riding classes; Splash qualified in halter (2 place aged geldings) and showmanship.  Shawnee!  Here we come.

Before the district show, we had company.  My sister Trisha came to visit and she was very clear that she would not be mounting ANY equine of ANY variety (except a 4-wheel mule if we came across one).  Luckily, she is a good sport and accompanied us to ride night, the Saturday Party Lesson (complete with Sydney’s b-day bash at Black Fox), and the St. Jude Benefit Trail Ride on May 4.  ….  And, Trisha tried Chris’s Zumba class with me too.  She still does not want to ride any horses.  A true mystery.10308066_10203892920827878_634650300270689255_n DSC00407

Somehow, I missed getting a photo of the birthday bash at Pink House for Patty – inconceivable.  But true.  Luckily, I did get some photos of Sydney the Birthday Girl.

DSC00302The Flying M Ranch was the site for the St. Jude Trail Ride on May 4 and we had a great time.  Unseasonably warm and very windy but beautiful ride with fun horse friends.  Sherry and Dude joined us even though she was on the winning team at the Hunter Pace the day before (riding Jazz with Rita, Juli, and Gena).

Trisha managed to get out of town just before the district horse show.  So, now its back to the work grind – from the office cube-land rather than from the Wild O Ranch.  Except for a work trip to Laramie next week.  Hope the late season snow up there melts before then.


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Equine obsessed woman who loves to ride horses, talk about horses, photograph horses/riders, shop for horse stuff, look at horse adds, admire fences, barns, trucks and trailers, and do all things horsey with my kids and friends.
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