April 4-H Point Show and The Rocking C Dressage Show

IMG_3205Back to back. We had the dressage show on Saturday followed by the April 4-H point show on Sunday.  Ivy and I were on duty at the dressage show in the morning for running, scribing, scoring, and general helping with Alaina on tap for helping in the afternoon.

IMG_3149First thing, I fell over a “safety” cone and banged up my knee and scraped my hands.  Luckily, my horsey friends doctored me with equine antibiotic cream and equine anti-inflammatory cream (thanks Paula) and vet wrap (thanks Patty) and Advil (thanks Jennifer).  And I had an evaluation by Tray (RSU Athletic Trainer).  Whew.  I survived the day and managed to ride with my knee wrapped and hands gloved.  Somehow, my tea survived the fall with just a little volume lost.  Double Whew!

The show ran like a well oiled machine with Show Manager Richal F, Judge Laurie H and paddock manager Mike C.  We were almost 30 minutes early when I noticed a serious problem.  Steve was scheduled to bring horses and Alaina to the show at 12:15…  So that Ivy would have an hour to warm up before her ride time at……. 12:23.  WHO did that Math?

IMG_3157Me.  Ooops.  The wonderful show manager, sweet judge, and understanding rider (who had to ride just after lunch break rather than be the last ride before lunch break) all agreed to have lunch early and to let Ivy and Alaina ride their 12:23 and 12:32 rides at later times originally assigned to riders who scratched.  Triple Whew!

Believe it or not, by the time I was mounted and warmed up, I was no longer stressed about horses not at the show grounds at ride time.  My T3 didn’t feel great although we scored 60.2000.  Splash was distracted and resistant several times; our walk needed more march, our canter transitions were hollow, and we need more bend and balance.  The best score was 7.0 for the halt at the completion of the test.  Submission and impulsion need work.  The WDB-4 was much better although the score was only a couple points higher (62.2058).  As a result of my “Splash Encouragers” (honking long spurs), our energy was “nice throughout.”  However, spurs also caused a little jigging at the free walk (scored a 3 – seemed a bit harsh) and downward transition to jog was “slow to develop” and received a 4.  We did receive 8s for working walk and working jog left as well as several 7s and 7.5s.  Perhaps the impulsion was too forward (?) at times for western?  Hard to imagine that with Splash.  Of course we still need balance and bend.

IMG_3323 IMG_3377 IMG_3398


The at the 4h show, both girls did fairly well – but I didn’t get all the placing’s.  Here are the ones I remember.

Ivy/Splash – Halter/5, Showmanship/6 , Trail/3, West. P/7 , WH/6.  Ivy/Kismet – HUS/3, HSE/2, and HH/1

Alaina/Sunny – Halter/6, Showmanship/  , HUS/1, HSE/1, Trail/1, West.P/5 , WH/3


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