Dezzie-Do – We Miss You


Diez – July 10, 1981 to April 6, 2014

No. 024158 – Grey Mare 

Bred by: Dann Dee Arabians, De Pere, WI



P1300746After watching Diez failing, we made the hard decision. Dr. Cason found that Diez had Cardiac Insufficiency caused by leaking heart valves.  Just ten days earlier Diez was IMG_3263charging from the pasture to the stall excited for dinner and ran over a kitten.  After eating as usual on April 2, Diez stopped eating her normal mix of Equine Senior and Silver Choice with Alfalfa.  We tried several mixesIMG_3261 of different feeds as mash or soup, and even tried beat pulp.  Although she continued to drink water, by Friday she was only eating if we fed her by hand and was showing signs of weakness.  Saturday I talked to Dr. Shipman’s office (he was to sick for a house call) and to Dr. 6 6 02 j2x Alexander (he was out of town) and finally discussed Diez’s prognosis with Dr. Cason.  Dr. Dan said that since she was eating out of hand, she was comfortable and that he would come out on Sunday morning.  So I called Tommy A to have his backhoe ready.  The storms expected for Saturday night held off until Sunday evening and Diez had some apple snacks and a peaceful morning with grooming and pampering.

232323232fp47=ot_2323=526=386=3232526295395nua593fj0mrjWe bought Diez from a paint breeder about 18 months232323232fp437_nu=3238_439_997_WSNRCG=3233327;7886_nu0mrj after we got TC.  She was 14 years old at the time and a very plump pony.  Diez was supposed to be for both Jaime and Kale but Jaime claimed her as her own.  She moved in to her stall facing our back door and gave me her manly neigh every morning as I left for work.

DSCN4219Diez (her registered “real” name) was a well-bred Arabian mare – an “AN Malik granddaughter out of Wayne Newton’s Spanish Arabian.”   At just under 14 – 2 hands, she was the perfect size for a horse loving little girl but she was a little feisty.

232323232fp8_nu=3232_434_64;_232343473_2;7otb4_2gi1lsi232323232fp45=ot_2323=648=698=32326485_7947nu0mrjJaime and Diez were a “well matched pair” and Diez taught Jaime how to ride.  Together they learned about dressage,  4-H English and Western, and Pony Club jumping.  When Jaime started riding in 4-H shows as a Junior, she had not started to canter.  Halfway through the show season, Jaime decided it was time to canter for the first time.  In a 232323232fp47=ot_2329=52_=_88=8368_6b262;3_23=3232525__3493nu0mrjhunter under saddle class.  I couldn’t watch.  She didn’t fall off.  Whew.

232323232fp8_nu=3238_439_997_55874_a35394832_23233;9_38585ot1lsiAs Jaime tried to learn to canter, Diez would take the canter on the correct lead whenever Bob Heidlage told the exhibitors 232323232fp47=ot_2323=4;_=667=32324;_576454nua593fj0mrj232323232fp46=ot_2323=648=698=32326485_794;nu0mrjto take the canter.  Then later, when Jaime tried to take the specified lead, Diez would take the wrong lead if the cue was not correct.  You can’t fool a mare.

Jaime and Diez competed at local dressage shows, local 4-H shows, 4-H 232323232fp47=ot_2323=525=73;=323252564_863nua593fj0mrjDistrict and State horse shows, and the ODS/Junior Young Rider Championships held in Norman.  They also competed in 4-H Equidrill at several local events and the state horse show.  Throughout the years, Diez was a good sport in a wide variety of costumes at many Halloween events.

232323232fp46=ot_2323=648=697=32326485_69;;nu0mrj 232323232fp46=ot_2323=648=686=32326485956_;nu0mrjWhen Jaime was ready to move up to TC, Kale took over on Diez.  TC had given Kale some basics but Diez again taught his kid to ride.  Kale and Diez joined Jaime and TC on the local dressage and 4-H circuit.  But changes were on the horizon.  Alaina had her sights on Diez from the time she knew the horses’ names.10 27 02 KO3

6 24 04 be yBut until Alaina got her clutches on Diez, Kale loved his Deezie-Do.91501kale

When the twins started riding, Alaina was on Diez and Ivy on TC – they made their choices.  The girls and their horses started out in Cloverbuds and before they could be regular members in 4-H, they started Intro classes at local dressage shows.


232323232fp43__nu=3238_439_997_WSNRCG=323349;4323;9nu0mrj232323232fp344_nu=3238_439_997_WSNRCG=32336;9;92637nu0mrj232323232fp33;_nu=3238_439_997_WSNRCG=323374884_72;nu0mrjAlaina and Diez competed in the Will Rogers Stamped Rodeo Princess contest too and even when she was showing Sunny successfully, she never stopped wanting to take Diez out for trail rides.



Both girls loved having their friends over for horse parties and many winter weather weekends were nice enough to ride.

Over the years, many kids rode and loved Diez.  Early on, Diez and TC went to Camp Happy Lake and introduced Campfire Campers to the joys of English Riding.  Marilyn was introduced to horses with Diez as was Cassy; and several 4-H/ODS friends leased Diez as their project horse.  Also, Diez and TC went to school with the girls every year they were at Westside and gave pony rides to their P1450758classmates and teachers.  She also went to several TPS schools to give 1st graders an equine encounter and to introduce horses to autistic kids at a summer program.HPIM0433

DSC02636The first year that Alaina and Ivy went to the state 4-H horse show was the last year Kale attended as a competitor.  Alaina showed Diez and Kale showed Sunny in Enid.P1190571

Even though Diez was officially a kid horse, several adults rode her occasionally.  She was my “go-to” pony if we had a little snow and a mini-ride in the snow was the object.  P1290900c IMG_0859c IMG00673-20121110-1506Diez was a shorter fall; and a cushy ride without a saddle so that a warm seat was an option.  Rumor has it that her canter was a bit rough for an adult sized person.

After suffering a bout of laminitis, Diez foundered in 2009.  She got to retire from 4-H shows but after her recovery, Diez still did a little dressage, trail rides, ride nights as well as school visits and “pony rides.”


Deezie-Do HaikuP1340333

All good years with you

Jaime, Kale, Alaina too

Diez We Love YOU


P1220392 P1230495 DSC01768 DSC01522IMG_5058 DSC02604 xmas09h 232323232fp46=ot_2329=52_=_88=XROQDF_23238434;_5_9ot1lsi 232323232fp7_nu=3238_439_997_WSNRCG=3232_93;65693nu0mrj 232323232fp4_nu=3238_439_997_WSNRCG=323297_773_84nu0mrj 232323232fp3;=ot_2329=52_=_88=XROQDF_2323__5_76798ot1lsi 232323232fp4_nu=3238_439_997_WSNRCG=323297_778925nu0mrj 232323232fp4_nu=3238_439_997_WSNRCG=323297_773486nu0mrj 1391662_10200881605941946_1580074457_n 01022011yaya 232323232fp342_nu=3238_439_997_WSNRCG=323374884_6;7nu0mrj P1410510 P1270136 P1220389 P1200730 P1200503 P1190958 P1190956 P1190426c P1190384 P1170310c P1190331 P1190371 P1010260 IMG_0097-116 DSCN4381 DSCN3910 DSCN0030 IMG_9885


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012010 - Copy









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