SPRING Break Report

IMG_2520Work has been crazy with all kinds of deadlines and travel leading up to April 1.  So, I planned to work Mon of Spring Break, take Tues off, travel to Laramie, WY for work training Wed/Thurs, and then have Friday off with the girls.  I made horsey plans for Tues/Fri.

IMG_2532 IMG_2537Tuesday’s trail ride at Oolagah was a fun, muddy, and windy ride.  Maria has a little Fjord mare who can manage the mud like a 4-wheel drive and Kizzy is amazingly good in slippery footing.  We went on the east side of the lake until the trail was getting soaked with wave spray and the howling wind convinced us to turn around.  We had a trailer-side picnic while the horses munched on hay.

IMG_2557Tuesday night, Diez bulldozed over Echo in her frenzy to get to her evening feed.  Echo was injured and spent the night with Dr. Walkingstick on IV anti-inflamatories so that X-rays could investigate her injuries once swelling was controlled.  Luckily, no broken bones and she was able to come home the following day.  She was moving kind of slow for a couple of days and will have to complete her antibiotic/anti-inflammatory regimen for the full 10 days.  Today, she seems to feel much better and has returned to her normal running, leaping, and playing with Thunder routine.

IMG_2564While lunching with Brenda on Wednesday, we decided to introduce Brenda to riding with Sunny.  Brenda enjoyed her first outing but declined to trot or canter into the sunset.

Splash and I went to Pryor Creek Ranch on Friday to play with the ponies and practice western horsemanship with Cheryl H.   Cheryl will be heading to Norway later this year to teach horsemanship classes and we always need help with our western.  Ivy and Alaina IMG_2635came with their mounts as well.  Cheryl worked with us toward bridle-less riding focusing on use of seat and legs/spurs to cue directions with varying success.  Sunny was a bit of a show-off and I made some progress with Splash on the dreaded cone weaving – I only knocked one cone over on my first attempt.  After a lunch break, we swapped horses.  Cheryl IMG_2647worked on Splash, I tried out Rosie, Ivy and Alaina swapped mounts and then took turns on Rosie.  Then, Cheryl worked with IMG_2628Ivy and Splash.  All-in-all, a lovely afternoon.  Alaina did get the truck/trailer stuck in the mud when we were ready to leave, but with a little pulling from Cheryl’s truck, we got loose and headed home.

IMG_2760Spring Break ended to soon with a visit to Sister on Saturday and a little trail ride at Claremore Lake on Sunday afternoon.  Sister was happy to see us, enjoyed a grooming session, and showed Ivy that she hadn’t forgotten her showmanship training.  Angie is planning to take her to visit a stallion to jumpstart her interest in breeding.

IMG_2831Kizzy and Splash were both well behaved for the Claremore lake outing – using my GPS, I know that the basic route along the lake shore is about a 3 mile loop out and back.  Lots of birds including seagulls, ducks, and geese are flocking at the lake and both Kismet and Splash insulted a goose who chased both horses hissing madly.  Retreat was the better part of valor for him since he backed off as soon as we turned toward him.  I was happy to be mounted on a horse brave enough to face a hissing goose.

IMG_2762The Land-O-C’more monster stands guard out east of town and we documented this sighting when we were coming home on Saturday.


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