March Madness – Horse Show not B-Ball

IMG_2350 Or we could call the weather mad as well.  Pushing 80 and sunny on Friday, 60 and sunny Saturday morning with clouds moving in afternoon and then….  overnight into Sunday, rain, sleet, snow and COLD. Channel 8 says:  “Sunday – Rain, Mixing with Snow, Very windy. Winds: N 20-30 mph. High: Falling into the 30s.” I hope the last cold snap of the season – a girl can dream.

IMG_2439 - Copy IMG_2420 After a work trip to Kansas Wed/Thursday, I had Friday off and the girls had High School enrollment first thing in the morning.  Next, we loaded Kizzy and Splash to head off to Gena’s to pick up Sammy and get a quick ride in at Patty’s.  Back to Claremore to get the girls on the bus for the Jenks Track meet.  They were supposed to do high jump (both) and long jump (Alaina) only, but ended up running as well.  This 6-A is a little different than 5-A but Alaina was 4th in high jump 4-6 (sadly out of the medals) and Ivy tied for 5th with two other girls.  The high jump winner went on to jump 5-4.  At the meet was a high school boy whose father (Dial) was a pole vault Olympian.  He dominated the pole vault and was exciting to watch hit 16-3, our Claremore vaulter was 12-6 – Matt O (his PR).

We got home from the meet to late to wash horses for the first dressage schooling show of the season.  But, buckskins look ok dirty and I had a sheet on Splash.  Alaina got up early and gave Sammy a bath before her ride time afternoon.  I went to the show early to scribe for the judge (Marie M) from Wichita.  She was a really good judge and lovely person – my new horse friend in Kansas.  Marie is opening a boarding stable April 1 on the south side of Wichita and we have a plan to ride together while I am in Kansas for one of my trips.

After an enjoyable scribing session, we dashed to Pink House for a quick lunch (not really the suitable way to enjoy PH), but delicious food, good (fast) service from our favorite waitress.  I was declining the offer when Ivy volunteered to saddle and warm up my horse for me.  An offer I could not refuse.

IMG_2465 Alaina and Sammy rode T1 and T3 and received scores of 63.125 and 63.000 respectively.  Judge Marie recommended using the changes of bend to increase lateral suppleness and to work for steadier connection to encourage more forward movement.  They received an 8 for their last halt.

Marie scored Ivy and Kizzy at 67.708 in T1 and 66.800 in T3.  They received 8’s for both test-ending halts and one of their 20-meter right circles and a medium walk.  Judge Marie suggests using corners to improve suppleness and to try not to over-bend neck to left.

IMG_2446Splash and I signed up for T3 and WDB4.  Our T3 was not our best effort.  Splash was very sluggish and we dropped from canter to trot about 7 times.  UGH.  Even so, our score was 65.400 which included an 8 for our chewy circle.  Marie sees right through Splash and says he needs to improve his work ethic.  WDB4 was much better (71.470) and we received a 9 for our final halt as well as 8s for several trot segments.  Amazing how my western equitation spurs can encourage Splash.

IMG_2444My dressage friends had some lovely rides – Marilyn/Jurgan rode some beautiful first level tests and Patty/Prince had great tests at training level (including a 10 for a halt).  And, Angie/Cote received an 80.000 for their WIntro2.  A lovely ride on a lovely horse.  He was rotten  before they got to the show but made up for it with the tests.

We returned Sammy to his real home and left the land shark in jail.  He has plans to bite Sammy every chance he gets but he is very cute.  Spring Break is finally here and with weather expected to improve, I am plotting a trail ride at least!



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