Splash and the Will Rogers Classic

IMG_2040We got lucky with the weather for the classic this year after ridiculously cold weather through most of January and February.  Saturday’s high was 69 windy degrees and Sunday’s was 54 and windy as well.  The Saturday show was pretty big and lots of fun for me and Splash.  We did showmanship, hunter under saddle, hunt seat equitation, trail, western pleasure, and western horsemanship.  And then did it all again on Sunday.  The girls showed their ponies as well.  Ivy and Kismet won jumping both days and Kismet made IMG_2055improvements during the course of the show.  Alaina won Showmanship on Saturday and had some really nice rides in both English and Western on both days.  Splash was a good boy – he got all but one of his leads (left in the last class after a really long day on Saturday).  Splash and I were 3rd and 1st in trail which resulted in the High Point Western Adult prize – a nice embroidered black sheet.  I am really excited to win an award and amazed that it was Western.  Also, Marilyn and Jurgan won High Point Adult English – they dominated the English classes both days.  I will post a picture of Splash in his sheet soon.

Here are the show details.


WRC I – Saturday, Feb. 22, 2014
Alaina 1 3 5 / 6 5 3
Ivy / 6 6 1
Cathy 4 5 5 / 5 4 3
WRC II – Sunday, Feb. 23, 2014
Alaina 6 4 5 / 5 6 4
Ivy 6 6 1 6
Cathy 2 2 2 / 5 2 1

IMG_2005While I was riding my favorite mount, several friends dropped by to check out the show – Melinda, Nancy, Tami, and Hilda – Thanks Guys!  It was really fun to ride with Marilyn on Jurgan, Patty with Norman, and Cheryl/Lily and the cute filly competing with me. And, I meet several new horse friends.  Next year I hope that Mallory, Stacy, Nancy, Kathy, Juli, and Sheila will join me.  Also, YaYa Sister Juli G offered to help at the show so she spent all day Saturday being ring steward to the Judge – from 9 am to 7:30ish.  What a wonderful friend!

IMG_1987While we were busy at the show, spring was busy springing at the Wild Orban Ranch.  Steve spotted crocus blooming (only a couple weeks later than usual).  The crocus sighting helps me face the next cold front expected tomorrow.  Perhaps it will warm up in time to trail ride with my YaYa’s next Sunday.



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