Encouragement for Splash

ImageAfter my Western lesson with Terry H last week, I ordered a pair of equitation spurs complete with black spur straps.  I tried them out on him this afternoon.  I think they work.

Splash has been at Patty’s Trail Boot Camp for almost a week.  He has been very good for Patty – she is impressed with how much easier he is to ride than he was last time she worked him.  Clearly, my problems are operator error.

Alaina and I went for a late party lesson Saturday afternoon with Lora, Linde, Marilyn, and Sydney  – Ivy wasn’t feeling well so Marilyn rode Kizzy and they looked very nice.  Great canter transitions and pretty good equitation patterns.  Sunny and Alaina were showing off their mad trail skills until Sunny decided to kill cones.  Linde and Zoe did a good job setting a pace for Splash to help me slow him down to follow.  After some rail warm up, we worked on cone weaving.  I started out trying to get to much bend and killed most of the cones.  Then we got a little better.  For a while.  I was trying to keep him straight to use leg yields to weave the cones.  Splash managed to straddle most of the cones.  Further training needed for me; Splash does the cone weaving with minimal direction from Patty.  During Imageour canters on the rail, the new spurs helped prevent Splash from falling in.  We did cavaletti with alternating elevated ends.  Not bad the first direction.  But going to the right, I had some issues maintaining the canter.  I tend to use a lot of body movement to ask and maintain the canter which messes with my balance.  We finished with equitation/horsemanship patters.  Splash made fairly good canter transitions but we went off pattern on the wrong side of the cone during our first pattern.  The second pattern started out good with walk to trot; things went horribly wrong when I asked for canter and tried to steer between the trail box and backthrough.  I neck reined to much and Splash fell in to a stop.  We tried again with the same result.  I need to lighten my directional aids.

The weather this week has been sunny but, until today, frigid.  While Patty was at the AGM this morning, I went with Lily, Annabelle, Becky, Julie, and Greg to Juli’s out east of Pryor so Lily could try a little mare Juli knew of.  Sweet temperament but a little to small for Lily.  Lily rode her very well.  Alaina rode Lady after our lesson at Patty’s to see how she was moving since she has had a couple of months off following a leg injury.  Alaina and Lady looked great and she might work for a 4-H horse.  Wendy S also has a possible horse for Lily to try.  If none work out in the next few weeks, Lily will ride Splash for 4-H again this year.

Tomorrow is supposed to be another great day so we will go to Patty’s to ride in the tree farm.  Ahhhh, Equine Therapy!


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Equine obsessed woman who loves to ride horses, talk about horses, photograph horses/riders, shop for horse stuff, look at horse adds, admire fences, barns, trucks and trailers, and do all things horsey with my kids and friends.
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