My Kind of Winter Day

IMG_1069Really, my kind of winter weekend since I got to ride Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  The high on Friday was 45 but it was sunny – Splash and I went and had a western lesson in an indoor arena with Terry H.  I was pleasantly surprised with Splash’s behavior.  W/o Sunny along to holler at or other distractions, Splash was calm as well as his usual slug-like self.

We were working on Western in preparation for the Will Rogers Classic in about a month’s time.  I was wearing my western ball-end spurs and Splash was not very impressed.  Terry switched out my spurs for an equitation set (longer with rowels) which Splash paid more attention to.  We worked on maintaining canter and trot as well as not cutting in.  Once we had forward and minimal cutting in, we worked on moving the haunches to either side as we moved forward as well as using leg, spur and seat to turn w/ minimal rein pressure.  The lesson went pretty well.

IMG_0963The party lesson on Saturday was good as well – the high was over 60 but pretty windy so we rode in the covered arena.  With six of us in the arena, we had to take turns with canter work.  3 loop serpentine with simple lead changes on center line.  Most horses want to keep trotting rather than dropping to walk – with Splash, we come to a complete halt.  Our upward transitions were pretty good but I was disorganized with each abrupt halt and had to get it together every time before canters.  In between canters, we worked trail obstacles including log/water-box, cavaletti, box, and side-pass/back through.  Splash could be really good at trail with better direction from his rider.

IMG_1075Sunday was a beautiful day with highs in the mid-60s.  Ivy and I hauled Kizzy and Splash over to the Bonderosa and we had a fabulous ride through the woods with Sheila on pretty Yellow Pony.  Splash was pretty sure that our ride was excessively long.  But he got a little grazing time in the pony pen by the garage while we went inside to have some tea and treats.  Don’t worry, the ponies got carrots that Bullet rejected.  All three horses were good but Kizzy is a trail rock star.  Yellow Pony did most of the gates but Splash and I did a couple.  Perhaps Sheila will adopt us and me can move in?

Without warning to Splash, we left the Bonderosa and went to Patty’s.  Splash is doing Trail Boot Camp with Patty for a couple of weeks (evil laugh).  Then we will need to give me Trail Boot Camp with Patty.  Should be fun.  Don’t tell Splash but I ordered a pair of equitation spurs for myself.  Will Rogers Classic!  Here we come!!!

Meanwhile, the weather is predicted cold but dry this week with Sunny weekend temperatures forecast in the 50’s.  My plan is to ride both Sat and Sunday – YaYa!



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Equine obsessed woman who loves to ride horses, talk about horses, photograph horses/riders, shop for horse stuff, look at horse adds, admire fences, barns, trucks and trailers, and do all things horsey with my kids and friends.
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