IMG_0615[1]Not yet, but it sure felt spring-like this weekend and was extremely windy to boot.  The snow from last week has turned to muck and all the ponies were busy adding mud to their coats so that huge dust storms were created by any grooming activities.  Arty won the prize for most thorough job.

IMG_0696 - CopyEcho and Thunder have really grown and are spending days blocked in the barn and nights locked in the greenhouse.  They will be fully moved to the barn when they figure out how to escape their confinement – Echo is really close but might want to consider continued Greenhouse sleeping quarters if the weather gets cold again.

With temperatures on Saturday forecast for almost 60 without wind, I was looking forward to my first party lesson of the year.  Splash was less excited so I did a little Clinton Anderson warm-up while the young ladies (Ivy, Alaina, Roxy, and Lora) were having their lesson.  Also, I used the German Neck Stretcher.  Splash was very distracted at first calling back and forth with Sunny who was tied to the trailer.  Splash distracted is not fun to ride because he acts like he will do more than just call to his buddy – it feels like he is considering crow-hopping or head flinging.

IMG_0684In between the distractions, warmed up with some trot circles, bend and straightness.  Patty asked us to canter before I was quite ready but Splash took really good upward transitions.  Our downwards from canter were unbalanced.  Operator error, I tried to maintain forward drive while maintaining connection.  We got a little better.  We maintained canters without any drops to trot (what a good boy). Then, we worked on shoulder in and haunches in / both directions / at the walk and trot.  Splash did fairly well until we were almost through – he got all bound up and wouldn’t move forward and spiraled toward the gate until my whip and I convinced him to trot a little more to finish the lesson.

Don’t forget – women with whips are 91% likely to get what they want (that 9 % is sometimes tough).  Linde helped cool off Splash which might count as ET.

We missed Nancy (off in OKC) as well as Gena and Kathy (no info available) but Mary rode Beau and Mallory worked Max.  Linde came out to watch lessons and then we all went to lunch at Graham’s.  Lovely day.  We will party again next Saturday and, perhaps, can work a trail ride in on Friday or Sunday.


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Equine obsessed woman who loves to ride horses, talk about horses, photograph horses/riders, shop for horse stuff, look at horse adds, admire fences, barns, trucks and trailers, and do all things horsey with my kids and friends.
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