Thanksgiving Rides

IMG_8791Splash thought he should have the entire weekend off.  After all, he was off last weekend so he was trained.  But I was in need of equine therapy after turkey therapy on Thursday.  So, we went trail riding at the Bonderosa on Friday afternoon (after a yummy chili lunch shared in the kitchen with Stephanie, Patty, Mallory, Allison, Sheila, David, and the triplets) – poor Bullet didn’t get to partake.  We had a lovely ride, but I didn’t let Splash get anywhere near the “Splash Pond” and we stayed away from the hunters in the woods as well.

IMG_8815Turns out, Prince is afraid of cows.  VERY AFRAID.  A true case of Bovinaphobia.  So, Patty stayed behind to work on “cattle desensitizing.”  An hour later, he was still VERY AFRAID; Sheila invited Prince and Beau to have a sleepover with their favorite new bovine friends.  They survived the night but Prince will need a few more trips to the Bonderosa.

We also managed a Party Lesson on Saturday – the girls stayed home to hang with Kale.  Mary, Kathy, Gena, and I worked our ponies and then went to lunch at our favorite Mexican place.  Our work concentrated on bend at the walk and trot followed by some serious canter exercises.  Kathy and Call did some nice counter canter loops.  Mary and Beau had beautiful canters and Beau looked really good.  Gena and Sam-I-Am cantered with a little resistance to rider direction at first, but Gena worked though it and ended the lesson well.  Splash and I had some nice canter moments.  We worked on lengthenings on the long sides and working canter on the shorts.  Splash is spring loaded to drop to trot as soon as I am not pushing for extension.  Canter is very hard for him, particularly right lead.  Therefore, it is very hard for me too.  We are making very slow progress.  He wears me out.

slnMeanwhile, a winter storm is bearing down on the Wild Orban Ranch and the rest of the country (apparently).  The radar doesn’t look to bad, but check out these temps (  Temperatures are going to drop from below freezing at night down to single digits so I have to dig all the heavy blankets out for the horses and a heater for the kittens in their new usagreenhouse digs.  We had to move them out of the bathtub last weekend because they figured out how to escape the bathtub and run rampant in the bathroom.  Echo would make a break for the bedrooms every chance she got – Thunder would dash the opposite direction (sounds like toddler twins to me).  My allergies are much better now that cats are out of the house.

So, batten down the hatches, winter is here.  I hope the roads will be clear for our YaYa Party in Adair at the Thorne Ranch on the 15th – and that temps will work for riding with my Sista’s.


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Equine obsessed woman who loves to ride horses, talk about horses, photograph horses/riders, shop for horse stuff, look at horse adds, admire fences, barns, trucks and trailers, and do all things horsey with my kids and friends.
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