November Already?

IMG_7681Since the ODS/GCC Jr. Dressage Camp, we have had 2 schooling shows at the Rocking C on the 19th and 27th, and a trip to NEO with Sunny, Timer, and Ima (and Lyndsey and Stacy) for the NEO Equestrian Team competition on Oct. 26.  In between, I had 2 work trips to Denver and 1 to McPherson.  AND, 2 abandoned newborn kittens have survived the first couple of weeks in the Wild O Ranch bathtub.  But, Alaina has been finished with volleyball for several weeks and Ivy went with her team to both the Regional and State Xcountry meets.

IMG_7671So,IMG_7664 the question is:  Should we compete at the Schooling Show Championships?  I wasn’t even thinking about it but….. Ivy wants to take Kismet and Alaina would like to take both Sunny and Sammy.  Splash wants to stand around in the pasture looking GOOD.  Kismet is probably game and Sunny should go since his western dressage scores have really improved this year.

At the Oct. 27 show, Ivy and Kizzy received 66.666% and 65.400% for T-1 and T-3 respectively; an 8 for the walk transition after the stretchy circle as well as 7.5 for the half circles at B-E and E-B.  Judge Claudia recommends working on inside to outside connection and to provide support to prevent leaning in on the circle.  Sunny and Alaina rode T-1 and T-3 as well; their scores were 61.666 and 60.600 – they received 7’s on two trot segments.  Splash and I received 63.8 for T-3 and 68.088 for WDB-4; the western score looks better than it felt but Splash and I had a good ride in T-3.

IMG_7990On Friday, Sister went to Angie S to start her broodmare career.  The intended father of the first foal is Indian Artbeat.  Sister has had all the genetic testing including color genes and her babies will be either buckskin or smoky black.  Should be a lovely baby and Ivy has plans to work the baby as her two-year old project in several years.

IMG_8131Winter is forecast to come in later this week but the weekend was spectacular.  We managed equine therapy on both Saturday and Sunday with the Party Lesson and Lunch at IMG_7950Graham’s.  Then, on Sunday, we loaded up and went to Tom and Cassy’s place south of Tiawah – Beverly is Tom’s sister and Patty has been working Bev’s horse Jack.  The fall light and the autumn colors were beautiful and we road through the woods and across the streams and through the meadows.  Perhaps this winter will have many Sunday’s worthy of riding.


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Equine obsessed woman who loves to ride horses, talk about horses, photograph horses/riders, shop for horse stuff, look at horse adds, admire fences, barns, trucks and trailers, and do all things horsey with my kids and friends.
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