ODS/GCC Jr Dressage Camp at Lily Pond Estates


DSCN5315Surprise!  I took a lot of photographs at the Junior Dressage Camp at Lily Pond Estates held Oct. 11-13.   So, that’s my excuse for being late with this post.  We had a great group of girls and fun chaperones to work with as well as wonderful clinicians – Stacy Morrison and Claudia Misner.   Girls were:  Lola, Kendra, Audrey, Sami, Alaina (Little A), Jami, Hunter, Hannah, Nicole, Josie, Roxanne, Olivia, Miranda, Ivy, and Alaina (Big A).  Haley, Richal, Melissa and I stayed with the girls in the apartment – the kids bunked down in the living room and the adults in the bedroom.

DSCN5299We all checked in on Friday evening, settled the horses, met the trainers, shared pizza, and watched a bit of My Friend Flicka.  Stacy and Claudia talked with the girls about their riding goals for the weekend.  Each girl was paired with a rider of similar experience for their lessons.

DSCN5306Saturday morning came early and the girls when out before dawn to feed and check on the horses.  After animal care, they had breakfast and the first lessons started at 8:30.  Each pair of girls had a semi-private lesson with each trainer on Saturday.  Alaina was riding an 11 year old Arabian belonging to Gena G – Jazzy/Wings has been officially named Sammy/SamIAm by Gena so, we know what to call DSCN5299him now.  Ivy took Kismet to the camp and she was pining to work those cross country jumps.

DSCN5302Trista joined us on Saturday evening for dinner and as our guest speaker; her presentation covered farrier work, horses hooves, and horse foot bone structure.  She brought a large selection of horse shoes and let the girls see hoof measurements from pony to draft.

DSCN5327“She’s the Man” was the movie for Saturday night and there was lots of laughing and squirming during the watching.  Afterwards, the little girls passed out cold in their cots and sleeping bags while the big girls gossiped and watched You-Tube videos.  In the morning, they were sleeping in a big dog pile although they claimed to be lined up neatly since they are “dressage” riders.  Haha.

DSCN5332The girls all got repeat lessons with each trainer again on Sunday and managed to do a little craft (stall name plate) as well as a little trail ride.

Alaina made huge stride with Wings (AKA Jazzy/SamIAm) – after Claudia tied her elbows together on Sat., she was really working her shoulders.  Ivy worked Kizzy through some difficult canter exercises.

DSCN5366In between lessons and lunch, the kids packed their stuff and helped clean the apartment.  Dressed in  their matching pink shirts, the kids posed for a group photo and then individually with their horse.

All in all, a very successful camp – the kids were great and the clinicians wonderful.  We managed to load-up, clean the stalls, drop Kizzy at Patty’s, Sammy at Gena’s and Trooper/Roxy at Cheval Pond, and got home just at dark.  We can’t wait until next year.


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