Two Weeks Worth of Rain and Weekend Plans

IIMG_6404 had the last Friday of September off and the weather was fine in advance of the cold front expected on Saturday, so Mallory and I went to Oolagah for a trail ride along the east side north of the 410 dead end.  Amy and Randall joined us all the way to mile post 4 where they went on without IMG_6400us.    We met Carol on the way back and gave Splash a little “stand and wait while they talk” practice; he did better than the kids do.  It was a lovely day for a lovely ride.  Ivy was scheduled for a Cross Country Meet in Vinita and we were also planning to show at the Rocking C on Saturday.  The Rocking C was rained out so Alaina and I joined Steve and Kale in Vinita to watch Ivy race.  She was 17thIMG_6412 and in the metals for Varsity High School girls.  Woo Hoo!IMG_6406

A work trip to WY cut my weekend short as I flew to SLC on Sunday for an audit in Green River.  I got to see ONE wild horse along the Wild Horse Loop just north of IMG_6570Green River but no moose sightings.  Ingrid and I tested 2 different walking trails; one 2.7 miles UP white mountain road (whew) and the other 1.5 miles along the green belt on the south side of Green River.  Lovely walking weather on Monday and Tuesday and we headed back to SLC on Wednesday just ahead of the snow that started on Thursday.

IMG_6627 After my WY trip, Ivy got to ride Kizzy Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Some more rain came in Friday night and into Saturday but the lesson went on in the covered Rocking C arena.  Gina brought her new guy – a lovely little gray Arabian to be renamed in the next few weeks.  Splash and I worked on our Canter/halt transitions and progress was slow – our canter departs were mostly ok.  Splash has 2 kinds of halt:  1) heavy on the 4-hand and fighting IMG_6630my hand for a 10-foot stop; or 2) abrupt – stop on a dime and throw rider onto neck.  So, I tried to alternate bit pressure side to side (to minimize the fight) at the same time as using my legs to push for a more balanced transition.  Suddenly, Splash was doing a complete stop at the gate – yikkes.  So, then I needed to really squeeze him to my hand and try for an obedient Canter/Walk transition.  We got a tiny bit of that elusive transition and stopped before I ran out of steam.

Ivy got to try Roo-Roo too and stubbed her toe while doing so.  Roo-Roo is adorable!  Then we finished our weekend with a trail ride through the nursery on a lovely fall afternoon.




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Equine obsessed woman who loves to ride horses, talk about horses, photograph horses/riders, shop for horse stuff, look at horse adds, admire fences, barns, trucks and trailers, and do all things horsey with my kids and friends.
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