Horsey Fun – Fairs, Hay, and Trail Rides

IMG_6104We had the Rogers County Free Fair and the Tulsa State Fair as well as a few trail rides and a Party Lesson.  Fun.  And, we finally got hay in the barn.  Woo Hoo!

IMG_6535Splash has not yet made up for dunking me in the Bond Pond but we placed in the money in Hunt Seat Eq, Hunter Under Saddle and Trail and Splash was Reserve Halter Appaloosa Gelding at the Rogers County Fair.  Plus, I didn’t fall off.

Ivy rode DSCN4719Kismet in their first 4-H show, they placed 6th in HUS, 4th HSE and won Hunter Hack.  Ivy rode Splash in Western Classes placing 3th in Trail (he is the HORSE!).  Alaina and Sunny won HSE, placed 3rd in HUS, 3rd in Western Pleasure, 3nd in Western Horsemanship, and 2nd in Trail.  Since I was riding, I didn’t get my usual quota of photos.  And, Splash was a good boy for Lily who won first place in Hunter Under Saddle 9-11. DSCN4760

The Fun Show and Cloverbud Show held Sunday afternoon at the county fair were fun too.  Ivy found Kizzy a bit difficult for Ride-a-Buck but Alaina/Sunny and her palomino pal Lyndsey/Timer won the DSCN4770TP race.  The kids won fun prizes too.  All the kids showed under assumed names on mystery horses.  Guess who?   Wolf and Lambiekins or Apple Jack and Stormagedan….. Alaina/Sunny and Ivy/Kismet respectively.

DSCN4741Ivy took Kizzy to the Tulsa State Fair and placed 8th in HSE.  Alaina and Sunny were 4th, 4th, 5th and 10th in HUS, HSE, WP, and WH – they were really good.  The weather was lovely and it is much easier to show at the Tulsa State Fair before the fair actually starts.  No fair food, but that is probably a good thing to skip.

Now that I have dried off from the rolling -in-the-pond incident at the Bonderosa, I will have to work on Splash’s pond crossing technique.  I tried to let him have a drink on our first crossing but he started to splash and act like IMG_6037he wanted roll.  So I urged him on to the far bank and videoed the girls on their good horses walking around in the pond.  When they were through, I headed back across, videoing all the way, not letting Splash stop to consider a roll in the mud.  So, just before we reached the shore, he took a DIVE.  No warning, or stop to prepare to roll…. just a walk step/drop/roll in 18 inches of water over 18 inches of MUD.  I was up to my shoulders in the water, holding my phone out (still IMG_6063taking video), trying to gain my footing with Splash floundering next to me and nothing solid to get any support.  With Sheila coaching, I threw the phone on-shore and crawled to the edge to finally stand up and re-capture my BAD HORSE (you can see the video here ).  We remounted with a lot of dripping and headed to the nearest hose.  Yes, a Wintech Isabelle is washable although my boots didn’t need the mud-treatment.  Perhaps I shouldn’t have named him SPLASH.

IMG_6271Fall weather is finally here so we took advantage of the lovely weather riding at Oolagah last Sunday afternoon. Judy and Marsha joined Ivy and me for an impromptu  ride.  We started at the end of 410 road and went toward (but NOT up) Kite Hill winding through the woods and along the shore.  There was a little mud, but the yellow fall light was lovely so we are plotting another ride later this week.  YaYa!



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