A Difficult Horse Month

554976_4735323066858_1376436953_n - CopyThere has been some fun in September but its been tough on Ivy (and me).  We learned this week that Sister’s serious injury (torn ligament) has resulted in very fast bone growth on both sides of her pastern as well as deterioration of the cartilage.  Prognosis?  Surgery or permanent lameness with no future riding.  She could have a future as a brood  mare, but we are  not horse breeders.  So, we are investigating the surgical option (to consider depending on guidance from Edmond)… but perhaps you know a good breeding program IMG_3872 - Copythat could use a nicely built, athletic, smart perlino?

Ivy was making such good progress with Sister; they were really good at showmanship and trail AND Ivy had managed to teach Sister to do flying lead changes.  She was awesome on trail rides, had a future in western dressage and liked to jump.  Sister placed well in halter classes at District and State as well.


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3 Responses to A Difficult Horse Month

  1. paula walker says:

    Cathy if she is not showing lameness couldn’t she still do showmanship and trai?. I mean if she can walk around out in a pasture, trot occasionally, and maybe even lope occasionally on her own, I would think she could still do those two events…. What a shame tho. I know the feeling. I think there is a QH farm somewhere that I have run across in my computer travels that does specialize in perlinos, and the like. I would google it and see what you come up with. Paula

    • yayariders says:

      Unfortunately, she is showing lameness, improved somewhat since her injury in July, but still lame. bummer. surgery seems like a bad option since its risky and not guaranteed.

  2. Wolfie says:

    Gosh. I am sorry to hear this. Perhaps she is just a slow healer? I understand that it can sometimes take months before soundness comes back. Has your vet suggested shock wave therapy?? It’s used on humans (my husband had it done for torn ligaments in his elbow) and on animals.


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