Mr. Weekend AKA T.C. / April 26, 1986 – September 2, 2013

P1190062bTC was a red roan bred at the McFarlin-Ingersol Ranch located about halfway between Claremore and Inola; his sire was Himito Dancer and his dam was Flaming Rosie.  TC’s AQHA registration number and tattoo were 2533559 and 3334G  respectively.  When I purchased TC on April 20, 1994, he was my first horse and I was his sixth registered owner.

IMG_3542I went to see TC for the first time on April 1, 1994, I knew I should buy him when he licked my hand.  What other sign did I need?

TC stayed with Patty at the Rocking C for about a month while we repaired fencing and prepared the barn for a horse inhabitant.  He came to the Wild Orban Ranch during the Memorial Day Weekend when Patty and Larry delivered him.  He had the barn and field all to himself until we brought Diez home some time later.

P1170606Back in those early days of horse ownership, I called Patty often for info and advice.  Once, I panicked when I found an unidentified white horn-like thing on the back of his pastern!  I called Patty with the details only to learn that horses can have ergots.

TC had access to his stall and pasture 24/7 but when a storm was coming, I would lock him in his stall because he was very afraid of lightning.  After Diez came to live with him, she would bring TC up to the barn to get locked up well before any storm would arrive.

09 12 04aaHis ground manners were excellent.  TC would pick up his feet for hoof-picking as I was reaching down toward his hoof.  Kale was 5 and Jaime 8 when TC came home and he tolerated Kale running under his stomach and Jaime playing with his mane and tail or climbing onto his back when he was eating.  Later, Ivy and Alaina would climb up his face from the feed pan and across his neck to sit on his back while he ate.

4 13 03 j&tc 1TC was my first horse and Jaime’s 2nd horse after she outgrew Diez.  As a cloverbud, Kale started out on TC before taking over Diez.  As soon as Ivy and Alaina could talk, they picked “their horse,” TC for Ivy and Alaina choose Diez.  I took TC to my first dressage schooling show in March of 1995 but didn’t get brave enough to canter in public for months.  Meanwhile, we took lessons with Patty and I tried not to curl my toes when I asked for canter.

iDSC02493 DSC02538Ivy and Alaina had TC and Diez from the day they were born (lucky girls) – I had to wait until I was 36 to FINALLY get my own horse.  But almost immediately, I had to share – so we added Diez to the herd.  Jaime and Kale joined 4-H about a year after we became horse owners; Jaime with Diez and Kale on TC doing all the Cloverbud activities.  We started to share both horses with Camp Fire Campers and both were perfect for giving newbies a taste of riding.  Neither horse wore western tack at that time, so kids had to make do without a saddle horn.  TC was always a favorite and had many repeat “customers” year after year.  TC and Diez also made annual visits to DSC08677 Westside Elementary to give Jaime, Kale, and then Ivy and Alaina’s classmates a chance to pet and ride a pony.  Every now and then, a teacher would mount up too – always on TC.  TC was a member of the cast of Claremore High School’s production of “Oklahoma” directed by Linda Pollock.  “Curly,” AKA Ross, learned some basic riding skills on TC at the Wild O Ranch in the weeks leading up to the performances.

6 20 03 j-k1When Jaime was about 12, she got a little to tall for Diez.  So TC got to learn about western bits and saddles and Jaime took him on for 4-H; she even taught him to jump (against his better judgment).  They excelled at equitation even wining a buckle at the Tulsa State Fair in Hunt Seat Equitation in 2000.  We both rode him in Dressage Schooling shows and Jaime became my warm-up rider to get TC past his spooks.  As time went on, TC started to enjoy trail rides too.  If he got scared and tense, I just got off and walked with him until he calmed down or got across any little creek or scary obstacle.

101901j&tc4xWhen Jaime got Razz and then Sunny (for the 2-Year Old Project) and Kale got to tall for Diez, Kale took over with TC.  He rode Dressage Schooling shows as well as 4-H English and western classes and won a Silver Cup for High Point Juniors at a dressage show.

P1040174Finally, Ivy took over riding and caring for her very own horse, TC.  She and TC were a well matched pair for 4-H, dressage, trail riding, and yard play.  With him, Ivy learned to ride and learned about P1190048horses, horse care, horse showing, and horse friends.  She also won numerous ribbons and a couple of buckles with her very first horse.  Ivy didn’t want to give him up but he developed breathing problems resulting from nerve damage done to his larynx during his racing days.

IMG_0445Because of “partial paralysis of the left larynx,” the work of carrying a rider became to much so he rested on his laurels in retirement – his last few months were spent living with a pasture pal (Raffles) at Cheval Pond a few miles from the Wild O Ranch.  Although he could no longer eat hay, he enjoyed his meals of Alfalfa Soup from a secret family recipe developed by Mallory.

DSCN5256About a month ago, TC managed to get a deep puncture injury on top of his loin area.  Since there was no obvious sharp objects in the paddock, we can only assume that TC had found a way out for a dangerous adventure and then returned to his favorite hang-out.  After several IMG_3575 weeks of intense doctoring (and 2 vet evaluations), the injury was healed and no longer tender.  Ivy thought the scar matched her scar from the killer corgi; perhaps TC tangled with a corgi?  During the hottest part of summer, Ivy 052and I visited TC regularly to give him baths and a little TLC.  Our last visit was Sunday evening.  He got a bath, his mane and tail detangled, and a good coat of fly spray.  When we lead him back to his paddock, he seemed a little slower than normal but he was nibbling at the hay as we left the barn.

TC was a poet and a gentleman.  Long ago, when we were working on transitions in our home arena, TC recited one of his original works for me.

Grass    by TC

The Grass is ALWAYS greener

Outside of the Arener.


086Ivy and I both learned to “fly without wings” on TC.


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2 Responses to Mr. Weekend AKA T.C. / April 26, 1986 – September 2, 2013

  1. Wolfie says:

    Lovely tribute to a very special horse.

    • yayariders says:

      Thank you. TC was a good horse. My Ivy is having a rough horse year; first Pico with a broken splint, then loosing TC, and this week we found out that Sister has an injury that needs surgery (that might not be successful) or w/o surgery will not mend. Horses are wonderful even with the difficulties.

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