Musical Horses

IMG_5825It’s the Hottest weekend of the Summer but fall IS coming.  I think.  Meanwhile, the fan for our AC decided to give up the ghost on Friday.  Whew.  By Saturday afternoon it was very hot in the house.  Vikery has a replacement motor on order but, thanks to Kathy and Ron, we now have 2 loaner window units working to cool the house – one complete with remote.  We might survive until Tuesday after all.  The sound of window units and fans is a sound from my childhood. I grew up in south FLA in a stucco house built around 1925 – no central AC but a window unit in every bedroom as well as a serious industrial fan to clear heat out of the kitchen.  No heating system either, which wasn’t a problem most winters.

IMG_5788Ivy ran her second X-country meet Friday evening at Chandler Park just west of Tulsa (Friday’s high was 102 degrees); the race was her 1st 2 mile test and she placed 20th with a time of 14:48 – the Claremore varsity girls placed 5th out of 11 teams.

The party lesson in 2-parts.  Ivy, Alaina, and Lora started out on their own mounts and Lora worked her mare in draw reins to good effect.  Then, the girls swapped horses – Musical Horses, how fun.

Ivy rode Lora’s horse and Alaina ditched her spurs for Kismet and Lora tried western Sunny (her first western IMG_5844experience).  Alaina and Kismet looked great as did Ivy and the mare.  After working through her feelings of discombobulation, Lora figured out the western thing.  So, the girls switched horses again so Alaina got the mare, Ivy rode Sunny and Lora gave Kizzy a try. IMG_5803

They all looked great.  Note to self, keep your head down so Patty doesn’t have the big girls try the swap horses thing (I am a bit afraid of Call).  We lucked out and got to ride our own mounts for the entire lesson.  Splash and I were pretty rough in our canter work.  We had some great trots with the help of the famous German neck stretcher.  It was a very hot morning – that may be my only excuse.  I am having trouble keeping my outside hand steady and helping Splash keep his inside shoulder up.

IMG_5850Meanwhile, back in Claremore at Cheval Lake, TC and Raffles enjoy playing with hay bales and munching a bit.  Labor Day morning, 9:00am, the YaYa’s plan a ride at Oolagah.  Woo-Hoo, good thing we won’t be hauling hay, but sure wish I had hay in my barn.



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Equine obsessed woman who loves to ride horses, talk about horses, photograph horses/riders, shop for horse stuff, look at horse adds, admire fences, barns, trucks and trailers, and do all things horsey with my kids and friends.
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