The Return of Summer

RSCN4658Whew – after mild temperatures and lots of rain, summer came back with muggy vengeance.  Alaina played volleyball at a 9th grade tournament on Saturday while Ivy and I went to West Equestrian for a dressage schooling show.  Patty brought Kismet for Ivy in the trailer with Prince and Little Rock – they were packed in the trailer like three sardines.  Little Rock (above) and Prince were magnificent – really well behaved and obedient even though the “nice” neighbor was shooting guns throughout the entire show.  Congrats on some excellent rides Patty.

Splash and I rode T-3 and WDB-4; Kathy and Call also rode those tests as well as WDB-3.  Call and Kathy took first place over Splash and me in both Western and Traditional – way to go Kathy!  Splash had some footing issues, the arena was hard with a couple inches of slippery sand on top.  Splash took a slip/stumble as we took our first canter transition in T-3 and had several more slips during both tests.  Even so, we scored 60.400 (T-3) and 61.029 (WDB-4); Judge Roberta Clark gave us a 7 for our first halt in T-3 with the rest of our scores from 5.5 to 6.5 – Roberta saw some nice moments but recommends more consistency.  For WDB-4, our free walk was only 5 but the last trot down center line was 8 and we received 7.5 for the last halt and 7’s for a trot circle and the working jog after the walk.  Roberta said it was a smooth test but we need consistency and better connection for better scores.  Our accuracy in canter circles was not good because I was thinking about slips and stumbles and did not help Splash with balance – so he fell into the circles.

Ivy and Kismet had a successful first dressage show!  They scored 60.000 for T-1 (3rd place) and 62.200 for T-3 (first place).  Roberta sees great potential for this pair and recommends that Ivy work on connection to improve scores.

IMG_5601Sunday was sunny and, still, hot.  But equine friends gathered at the Rocking C to ride in the nursery out back.  Mary (Beau), Lora, Patty (Norman), Ivy (Pico), Marilyn (trying Kismet), and I(Splash) ventured out into the heat after a delicious pot luck lunch.

We had a lovely ride and then came back into the cool of the bunkhouse to share watermelon.  A great way to spend a hot, Sunday afternoon.

In other news!  Ivy and Alaina joined their 4-H friends to model cloths at Stillwater Milling for the Back-to-School issue of Value News – check it out at this link:

August is winding down which means that the Rogers County Fair is just a couple of weeks away.  Splash and I will be there to ride both English and Western – in my fancy new boots.  YaYa!!!!



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