Splash.  I think yes.  Evidence:

  • Cue for leg yield?  Get Canter.
  • Cue for Canter?  Get leg yield.
  • Cue for forward?  Get a pretty prompt back.
  • Cue for back?  Get pivot.
  • You see a pattern?

I could go on but I remind myself that I still love him because:

  • He looks pretty out in the field or in the barn or tied to the trailer.
  • His bucks are pathetic (when he bucks during ride-a-buck, I don’t loss my buck).
  • I am not scared when riding (mostly).
  • Oh, and I own him already.

IMG_4310Friday was a fun day starting with a trip to Stillwater Milling with some of 4-H horse Club girls to model cloths for a back to school add for the next issue of Value News  Ivy, Alaina, Alexis, Lyndsey, and Madison did a great job modeling jeans, boots, hats, tops, and a really cute dress.(http://valuenews.com/rogers_issue.php).

Then, late afternoon, we were off to the Rocking C to be judged by Allison’s judging team as practice before their big contest.  Sister was off, so we took Pico, Sunny and Splash.  Ivy ended up riding Norman for English and Beau for Western; Alaina rode Bounced English and Sunny Western.  I used Splash for both and Sydney used Sophie for both sessions as well.  The team was interested in Hunt Seat Eq and Western Horsemanship.  Patty started both sessions with walk/trot/canter in a circle while the team discussed AQHA rules, rider position, and horse movement.  Horror of horrors!  We had to ride a “jumping position” in preparation for the English pattern.  Then, we were judged doing a pattern.  The English pattern was:  trot right diagonal/sitting trot left circle/trot left diagonal/turn on the 4-hand/left lead canter/jumping position/stop/back.  Splash was pretty good for posting trot although our sitting trot was resistant and choppy.  My turn on the 4-hand was rushed and I over-shot the line which bent Splash the wrong way for my canter and we took right lead for a couple of strides before we dropped and fixed it.  My jumping position was weak but Splash actually extended his canter and our stop was at the cone and the back straight.  Our western was not pretty.  The western pattern was:  left lead canter/stop/270 pivot right/right lead circle to start/trot/turn left-extended trot/stop/back.  Let’s just say that canter departs were more than late and the right lead was left to start.  The best part of the pattern was the stop (prompt) and back (straight).  Ugh.  My reins were to long so I had to move my hand to much but if my reins had been shorter, I wouldn’t have gotten trot or canter.  Double Ugh.  Overall, a fun evening but further training needed.

IMG_4401IMG_4364Sister was still off, so Pico got to go to the party lesson.  Pico worked sound but was really out of shape.  Splash and I worked on leg yields and canter departs including some roll backs.  Our pivots are rough but canter departs in rollbacks are decent.  Alaina worked Sunny bareback and they did some really good trots and canters.  Ivy finished with Pico and had a last jumping lesson with IMG_4433Blue since Rhonda needs to take her home again.   So, Ivy will continue to work with Sister and hope that Pico stays sound while she works to get him back in shape.  Cross finger and toes…

We finished the weekend with a Sunday rain – very exciting and not part of the weather prediction.  The Wild O Ranch got more than 2 inches of rain from around 3 am to after noon.  The grass is very happy but, I am still worried about hay.


I won’t get to ride this week with my YaYa Sisters since I have a work trip to Kansas.  But I did manage another ride on Winston last week at Lake Claremore.  It was a wonderful evening for a ride – Rita brought Winston for me, Jurgen for Marilyn, and Deputy Comet for herself.  Gena joined us with Smoky-Pokey and Nancy joined us IMG_4256for snacks and social after our ride.  We cruised the lake shore going north, explored a side trail to the soccer fields when we came back to the trailers.  Winston was very willing to move out when we headed back so we even gaited a little – so smooth and sooooo fun!


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2 Responses to The Passive/Agressive Horse

  1. Wolfie says:

    Gosh, I laughed at your opening statement! Glad that I am not alone. 🙂

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