Showtime and Trail Riding and TC

IMG_3324It could be that we had to much fun in Shawnee.  Or, perhaps we ate to much junk food and got very hot.  We survived another year.  After mighty preparations, we headed out early Thursday morning so that we could get the horses off the road before afternoon heat set in.  Steve drove the trailer with Alaina, Sunny, Sister, and Blue, while Ivy and I took the comfy vehicle.  Arty has a hoof problem so Roxy and Mallory skipped the showing part of State but visited a bit on Friday.


Ivy and Sister were up early Friday morning with Mares, 6 and over; they placed 8th out of 27 pretty nice mares!  Alaina and Sunny qualified for showmanship but skipped to HUS and HSE where they had beautiful rides but only placed under one judge and didn’t make the ribbons – Alaina pinned her hopes on Trail and western classes.  Ivy and Blue competed in Hunter Hack Friday evening with 10 other junior competitors.  Blue shows her barrel roots while waiting her turn to jump but Ivy slowed her down in the courtesy circle and they jumped beautifully, landing in the right lead and stopping through the trot at the cone.  Rail work was fairly good too with just a bobble in right lead canter but they fixed it in a couple of strides.  They placed 1st under one judge and 5th under the other to win the buckle!  Ivy was thrilled and Alaina was excited too.  And worried since the judges didn’t seem to like Sunny.

IMG_3459Saturday morning was an early one with both girls showing in Trail – Alaina on Sunny and Ivy with Sister.  Alaina and Sunny started the pattern nicely through the gate without eating from the tempting hay bales, then through the trot poles and over the canter poles.  So far, so good.  Then, bumped an elevated pole off but finished the back-through perfectly.  After the wait at the mail box, pivot left/right lead canter.  Oops, wrong lead and lead changes over each pole of the pinwheel.  Decent trots over the pinwheel to the box.  Good box, bumped pole onto bridge and then done.  Alaina was very disappointed.  Sister and Ivy had a decent go at trail but neither girl was in the ribbons.  Alaina and Sunny had a wonderful WP class and made the finals.  Again placed under one judge but not the other; no ribbon.  WH was beautiful until the last bit.  Right lead canter/simple change but no left lead canter.  Good stop and back but no call back for rail work.  These disappointments along with a summer cold/cough made the show a tough one for her.

IMG_3507We dragged ourselves up semi-early on Sunday morning to go map out the Saint Jude trail for the ride next weekend at the backup venue (the Flying M).  Lovey place and the ride will be great.  Hope you all can join us on Sunday morning so don’t forget to sign up by Wednesday.  Ivy rode Blue and Alaina took Sister while I had my guy Splash.  Then we dropped Blue by the Rocking C to return to her Prince.

IMG_3577To top off our horsey weekend, Ivy and I visited TC and gave him the grooming/bath/trimming treatment to remind him of his show days.  He has gained weight and looks pretty good for an old man.  The only problem is that dragging Ivy away from her first guy is not an easy task.  But we made it home in time to make dinner and eat it by 9:30 – seems to be the summer dining schedule since the sun stays up late.

I am off for a work trip tomorrow but will be back in time for the benefit Gymkhana at the Rocking C Friday evening.  Y’all come and help raise money for the Tornado Victims from the May storms.  Followed by the St. Jude ride on Sunday – YaYa fun for all.


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