Noodlers and Dressage at Claremore Expo

IMG_3124Summer heat was on and the girls were signed up to run (sweat) in the Inola St. Jude 8 K Friday night.  I walked the 2-mile with Sheila, Alison, and David.  Judy won a BIG trophy for her running time in the 8 K.  Did I mention the heat?

IMG_3134No party lesson on Saturday because the Green Country Classic Dressage show was on at the Claremore Expo.  But Ivy and I went to the Rocking C Saturday morning so she could work Blue.  Then we 20130615_184042toured the Flying M Ranch as a possible St. Jude Trail Ride location (it’s perfect).  Finally, we went to the Harvey Ranch to paint trail poles and barrels for the State Show.  Meanwhile, dressage divas had to share the Expo with the OKie Noodlers 20130615_184217(The Battle of the Big Cats “Route 66’s Richest Noodlin’ Showdown”).  I hear that it sounded like they know how to have fun after they survived using body parts as bait for some BIG fish.

IMG_3163Our shift to work the Classic was Sunday morning – Ivy was scorer/runner/runner supervisor, Alaina was bit/spur/whip inspector (checking 1/3 of the entries in every class) and I was Ring 1 gate control with Carol (Ring 2).  We saw some beautiful IMG_3216horses and had a lovely time.  I always have a good time working the gate – the only time all year when anyone listens to anything I say.  Since it was Father’s Day, I resisted the urge to go visit Sheila and met her new Pinto horse just arrived from Pinto World.IMG_3211 - Copy


The lucky girls are spending M/T/W at the rocking C getting ready for State and spending evenings sorting the trailer for the trip.  Ivy will ride Blue in Jumping, and show Sister in Halter and Trail; Alaina and Sunny are riding English and Western Classes.  Should be a fun trip even if I don’t get to ride.



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  1. Wolfie says:

    I have just recently discovered your blog and enjoy it very much. I have nominated you for Liebster Award! Come visit:

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