Summer Time

IMG_2896The girls have been working their horses at the house fairly regularly in anticipation of the State 4-H Horse show later this month.  Meanwhile, the party lesson was replaced by a Horse Show in Chelsea at Wind Valley Farm.  Both Kathy B/Call and Patty C/Norman were there to prepare for the Pinto World Dressage Classes on June 11; both had some nice rides.  And!  Richal gave me a great pair of riding gloves that match my favorite breeches to perfection.

So, Alaina/Sunny received 65.882/66.351 in Western Dressage (WD) Basic 4 and WD Level 1 Test 1 respectively; both halts in L1L1 as well as working jog across the diagonal in B4 were scored at 8.0.  Judge Claudia Misner judged Ivy/Sister at 60.208/68.225 in TL-1/WDB4.  The judge gave Sisters trot circle at C an 8 but was not happy with the stretchy circle in TL-1; Ivy’s score in WDB4 was enhanced by several 7 or 7.5 scores for movements with coefficients of 2.  Claudia recommends that both girls work on preparation for transitions.  Splash and I received 61.600 in TL-3 including a 7.5 for right lead canter transition and 7.0 for left lead canter as well as 63.676 for WDB4 with 7.5’s for 3 working jogs.  Serpentines from quarter line to quarter line are the biggest problem with the test itself.  The biggest problem for Splash was a huge horse fly distracting him all theIMG_2872 way from C to A before the left lead canter depart.  Since the canter dislodged the fly, the rest of the test went more smoothly.   The show was a short one and I was scribe for the afternoon classes.  The girls were very distracted by Sandy’s new baby Gemini; Sissy is a tolerant mother and Gemini a very friendly baby.  Beautiful too.  Lovely day for a horse show, warm with light breezes and the last spring-like day before SUMMER HEAT started on Sunday.

Because of high-water at the Wheeler Farm, our St. Jude ride was another wash-out (rain date June 30 for a morning ride followed by pot luck lunch).  Marsha agreed to let Ivy, Steff O, and I come out to ride her place on Sunday and Judy joined us with Navajo too.  Steff and Miss Tender Lil (AKA Lilly-Stephanie) bonded and had a great time.  Marsha IMG_2971dusted off Latte who dilly-dallied along until Masha grabbed a tree-switch.  Sister and Ivy have a hankerin’ to push some cows.  We had a lovely time checking out the vineyard, wandering down the lane, and riding around the pond and through the woods.  Even managed a little social time with some snacks after the ride.  A warm-up for YaYa rides all summer.

I dropped by Pinto World on Monday in hopes of catching Kathy and Patty’s rides on Call and Norman – I managed to see Patty and Norman IMG_2983in their last ride late afternoon.  Patty did a great job and Norman was a pretty good boy although he did try to break gait up to canter a couple of times.  Nancy will be able to handle him in any circumstance any time she wants.  And, I get to ride with my YaYa sisters on Wednesday evening.  Woo Hoo!


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Equine obsessed woman who loves to ride horses, talk about horses, photograph horses/riders, shop for horse stuff, look at horse adds, admire fences, barns, trucks and trailers, and do all things horsey with my kids and friends.
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2 Responses to Summer Time

  1. Marsha Cullen says:

    Well written. Upbeat and fun just like my friend!

  2. Rachel says:

    Hello! I really enjoy reading your blog and you are a great writer. I would love it if you would consider writing a guest post for my blog! Its an equestrian lifestyle blog centered around warmbloods and the sporting disciplines. Check it out and if you are interested shoot me an email at

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