Muggy and Cool in June

IMG_2555Days of rain, and lots of it, flooded out the St. Jude trail ride location in Pensacola, OK – by Friday it was clear that the Sunday ride was washed out.  We will try again next weekend so sign up for the June 9 edition – unless more rain comes in this week and the creek stays high.

IMG_2520After another stormy Friday night, the rain was moving out on Saturday morning so the Party Lesson was on at the Rocking C.  Ivy, Alaina, Roxy, and Sydney are all training for their events at the State Horse Show in Shawnee coming up in just a couple of weeks.  Kathy and Call are getting ready for dressage classes at Pinto World starting next weekend; Patty willIMG_2401 ride Norman in a few classes at World too.  Splash and I are working on transitions – both upward and downward.  We broke out the German Neck Stretcher for the first half of the lesson so I could concentrate on consistency of trot and canter.  Then, without the GNS, we worked on downward stretch and some back-through work.

IMG_2545IMG_2542The Lunch After Lesson was a Congraduation Bash to celebrate Ashlyn’s high school graduation.  Thanks to Mary B, we were all treated to the Pink House ( – yummy food and even better deserts.  They also made 383386_538757812853318_2017237335_na special nut-less baked fudge for Alaina.  We had a lovely time.  The Pink House Staff does a wonderful job letting a few girls enjoy their afternoon.  The group included:  Ashlyn, Jennifer, Ivy, Alaina, Susan, Karen, Roxy, Mallory, Mary, Patty, Sydney, Amy, Michele, Kathy, Nancy, and me.  It might be a good thing that horse trailers don’t fit in the Pink House parking lot.  My tea of the day?  Moroccan Madness – makes a great iced tea with just a hint of mint.

IMG_2576After a muggy start to the weekend, a cool/dry front came through and Sunday was a perfect day for a trail ride.  Alas, our St. Jude ride was postponed due to flooding north and east of Claremore.  Claremore Lake park makes a lovely place for a picnic lunch a quickie trail ride.  Think of it as de-sensitizing training for your horse since there are frisbee-golfers, kayakers, speedboaters, fisher-people, bike-riders, classic car drivers, playgrounds with kids, walkers, runners, ducks, dogs, goats, and more.  Fun ride and a beautiful day.  We met Amanda, Justin, Emma, Alexis, Patty, Mallory, and Roxy at the south end of the park.  After enjoying a tasty lunch including tuna/egg IMG_2577salad on chips and pecan tartlets, we rode north along the shoreline, crossing bike trails, rock outcrops, grass, and parking areas to the north end of the park (the end of the road where we saw a herd of goats).  Then, back through the park to the trailers.  All the horses were very good.

IMG_2584Late Sunday afternoon, I got a little more equine therapy by stopping by Rivendale Farm where Sarah Martin was giving a clinic.  Watched the horses and their riders but mostly just talked to my horsey friends.

Then, icing on the cake, I got to see a fledgling up close and personal.  A friend is fostering a little female who is just now learning to fly and I got the chance to let her perch on my fingers, arm and shoulder and watch her practice flights across the garage.  Wonderful end to a fun weekend.


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Equine obsessed woman who loves to ride horses, talk about horses, photograph horses/riders, shop for horse stuff, look at horse adds, admire fences, barns, trucks and trailers, and do all things horsey with my kids and friends.
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