The Four-Day Memorial Weekend

IMG_2357Two four-day work weeks with a four-day weekend in the  middle.  I could get used to it and it’s good way to start off the summer.

DSCN3377The girls and I took Sunny, Sister, and Splash to Chouteau Elementary (just west of downtown Tulsa) to DSCN3362share horses with the first grade students (including my Junior Achievement class with Dr. Smith). Abby Hays came along with us to handle Splash and demonstrate showmanship.  Each girl talked to the class about horse breeds/color (including the cream gene/genetics) and about their favorite classes in 4-H.  The kids all got a photo with their favorite horse and got to feed a carrot snack and get up close and personal for a pat.

IMG_2346Then, we headed west to Mock Bros Saddlery to look for a saddle.  For me?  or for Alaina?  We have been sharing Kale’s old saddle when I am not borrowing from a generous friend; and with both Alaina and me doing Western Dressage these days, we need another saddle.  The selection of saddles in my size (not barrel or roping) with just a touch of silver was:  Zero.  The girls both found a saddle to try on their horses – Ivy found a black saddle that looked elegant on sister (out of the price range) but Alaina found one that fits the bill (well used but solid and Brett took a trade for a little credit).  Ivy will just have to wait.

IMG_2425The party lesson was ON for Saturday although Mallory and Roxy had graduation events for her favorite son/brother.  The girls worked Sunny and Sister through their paces and then Ivy join the ladies with Blue.  Mary, Nancy, Kathy, and Margaret all worked their mounts with Splash and me.  We warmed up and then attempted sitting trot.  Not to bad although Splash and I need some consistency since he goes way faster toward the gate.  IMG_2395Then canter work.  Ugh!  Patty decided draw reins might help with that pesky head throw.  I have NEVER used draw reins so Patty had to start from scratch showing me how to hold them and how much tension to add.  Splash always tries to drop gait when we change from canter circle to straight (or visa-versa) so that was one issue.  We schooled large circle/small circle/straight line/circles – both ways.  Splash is MUCH better on left IMG_2371lead but we made some headway with right lead – just had to work MUCH harder.  Did I mention that draw reins can be a little scary?  Splash got so collected that his canter was much more “up” and I was popping out of the saddle a bit with every stride.  Besides, I am accustomed to seeing Splash’s head high in the air in front of me.

IMG_2359Ivy and I tried out a different saddle on Sunday afternoon but it doesn’t fit me or Sister.  Then, we had a nice ride around the place working on trail obstacles including the water-box in its field of freshly seeded grass.  Windy, but a relaxing ride none the less.

Since the State Horse show is coming soon, we headed to the Rocking C on Monday afternoon so Ivy could work Blue – we took Sunny, Sister and Splash so all the horses could be worked.  Alaina helped Nancy with Norman and Ivy got a spectacular jump out of Blue and some beautiful, slow, trot-work with Sister (for Sister).  Splash was pretty good with canter and trot but I had to use lots of spur to get my side passes over the poles when we practiced trail obstacles.IMG_2460

Back at the Wild Orban Ranch, Ivy went to the back pasture to let Sister have some late afternoon grazing and charmed a couple of black snakes.  Mallory suggests not handling snakes if you don’t want to get a snake bite.  We usually only find one snake at a time on our YaYa Rides.

And we ride the range next weekend for the Annual St. Jude out at Lake Hudson.  Fun – signup NOW.


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Equine obsessed woman who loves to ride horses, talk about horses, photograph horses/riders, shop for horse stuff, look at horse adds, admire fences, barns, trucks and trailers, and do all things horsey with my kids and friends.
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