A Horsey Weekend

482432_531787916883641_444408465_n - CopyPatty hosted a dressage schooling show at the Rocking C on Saturday so the girls and I took our ponies and rode as well as volunteered to help. I got to scribe in the afternoon for Carolyn Hoekstra for the second time.  We saw quite a few western dressage rides and Carolyn gave me a few extra tips since she had judged Splash and me in the morning.  The important thing to remember is that western dressage is still dressage – the gaits may be called Lope/Jog and the tack may be western (including curb bits) but contact is still desired and forward movement is required.  Although our curb bits are fairly mild, Carolyn recommends switching to western snaffle bits so that Splash, Sunny and Sister will not mind taking steady contact.  My western test was much better than my traditional test, but I had trouble maintaining canter.  So, I will make that bit switch.

Cathy   and Splash TL-3 50.4
WDBL-T4 62.058
Alaina and Sunny WDBL-T4 60.588
WDL1-T1 61.081
Ivy and Sister TL-1 ?

559561_531792913549808_875691660_nFor some reason, I don’t have Ivy’s tests but she and Sister are making progress and Sister certainly “jumps” into canter.  Our English test was not pretty.  Sister and Sunny were out at the trailer and Splash fussed and carried on resistant, hollow, and 972146_531788026883630_721440528_ncounter bent in canter receiving 4’s for submission and harmony.  For our western test, Judge C says that Splash and I need more connection.  Alaina and Sunny need to work on maintaining connection and balance but Judge C said that they were a lovely pair.  The bad weather forecast for the weekend held off, and although very warm and humid, there was a good breeze through the judges stand where I was stationed all afternoon.  Nancy E and Sheila B were dedicated office help all day and both Ivy and Alaina helped as needed.

IMG_2255The plan for Sunday was to go to Pensacola to check out a possible location for the St. Jude Ride.  We went right after breakfast so that we would be home before the bad weather arrived.  The Wheeler Farm is beautiful – an old dairy with lovely hay fields and scenic overlooks and woods located along the shores of Lake Hudson.  We were home well before the storms blew up.  Our ride is on for June 2 so mark your calendars.

IMG_2272The very sad news this week was the tornados that hit the Shawnee area on Sunday evening and devastated Moore on Monday afternoon.  Many of the 4-H kids and my horsey friends have been collecting donations and will deliver supplies and assistance in the coming days.  Thanks to all the brave volunteers as well as to the generous people of Oklahoma and the world who have made donations.


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Equine obsessed woman who loves to ride horses, talk about horses, photograph horses/riders, shop for horse stuff, look at horse adds, admire fences, barns, trucks and trailers, and do all things horsey with my kids and friends.
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