Only ONE WEEK Untill District!

IMG_1579 - CopyMighty preparations are already started.  All three victims got ear trims, bridle paths, and leg de-hairing this weekend and all three (Blue, Sister and Sunny) made me use the dreaded twitch.

Friday afternoon we discovered that one of our broody hens had managed to hatch 12 chicks on the coldest day in May EVER.  So we rounded them up and moved them into the heated greenhouse under a heat lamp.

IMG_1594Ivy has created a “scratch pan” for the chicks to enrich their aquarium environment and Steve has set up “Chick-Cam 2013” so that we can sooth ragged nerves by watching baby chickens being baby chickens – way more entertaining than goldfish.

On rainy Saturday, the stage was set to celebrate Sydney’s birthday at the Rocking C.  We gathered IMG_1665for lunch in the Tack-Room and had birthday cake.  Sydney got to share the candle ritual with Jennifer who had neglected to tell anyone that Saturday was her actual Birthday – the truth will OUT – so we partied and then had the Party Lesson.

Later that same day, in between a few lingering sprinkles, IMG_1696Ester and Kinsey came to the Wild O Ranch to visit and ride the ponies.  Kinsey loves Splash and Ester has a thing for Diez, so the girls started their ride under the rainbow and finished when another shower made the horses turn their rumps to the wind/rain and expressed their desire to head to the barn.

IMG_1768Sunday was still gloomy so my original plan to trail ride was a washout.  After a lovely lunch with Cindy and her mom, we headed back to Patty’s so Ivy could work Blue – they are making some headway with speed control but there is still a lot of head tossing.  Sister, by contrast, is looking a little IMG_1727 - Copybetter but doesn’t have the jumping quite as smooth.  Ivy will ride Blue for English and use Sister for Western as well as Halter and Showmanship.  Sunny is looking pretty good over all and losing some of that pesky hay belly he worked on all winter.  While we were at the Rocking C on Sunday afternoon, Patty was working Prince who is coming along nicely with his training.

We have missed Mallory and Roxy that last couple of weeks while Mallory was with Arty in Texas at a Clinton Anderson Clinic.  They made their way back to OK on Sunday and will, hopefully, share a lot of learning with the rest of us.

IMG_1802And….. I am hoping for a repeat of last week’s YaYa ride on Wednesday evening since I won’t be riding while the girls compete at “District” this weekend.  A girl can dream.



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Equine obsessed woman who loves to ride horses, talk about horses, photograph horses/riders, shop for horse stuff, look at horse adds, admire fences, barns, trucks and trailers, and do all things horsey with my kids and friends.
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