Willy and Jurgen

DSCN5141Spring is mostly here but a cold snap mid-week met me in McPherson with a little ice.  Trees were not happy but were beautiful and all the ice was gone in 24-hours.


IMG_0815Friday was a beautiful day for a ride, but all my riding buddies were busy so I made plans to ride my pony when the girls got home from school. On the way home from school, we made a quick stop at Glenbrook farm where Rita was just getting ready to lunge Willy. Rita asked the girls if they wanted to ride Bucking Willy or Jurgen. Guess what they decided?

So they both rode Jurgen and then Ivy IMG_0866rode Willy a bit after his lunging work was done.  Cindy AKA Duchess Desires a Friesian would be happy. Guess what they didn’t do when we got home?  But I took a ride on my pony concentrating on trail work in my new bareback pad and western headstall.  We did side passes, turns in the box, pivots, canter circles, walk and trot cones and….. the water box.  Splash handled all, except trot cones, well.   Then we wandered the Wild O Ranch for some real trail before feeding time.

The party lesson was ON for Saturday.  We even had a nice rain during our lesson in the lovely, dry arena.  The 10-o-clock lesson included Roxy/Trooper, Ivy/Sister, Alaina/Sunny, Sydney/Sophie, Erika/Jeter, and Mary/Beau (Mary had to leave early); Rhonda even joined in a little for warmup on Norman.  For the last (jumping part) of the lesson, Ivy got Blue and Alaina took over with Sister while Roxy stayed put on Trooper.  They all worked the jumps nicely and then Ivy/Blue joined in for the 11-o-clock.  Mallory/Arty, Nancy/Norman, Kathy/Call, Ivy/Blue and Splash/me warmed our mounts up with some long trots.DSCN5170 - Copy

After warmup, we all worked on collection/stretch exercises and Splash was doing really well with his stretches.  Then to enhance the exercise, we added left bend/right bend to the collection/stretch work.  The bends were much harder for Splash so keeping impulsion and consistency was much harder for me.  Canter work for Splash and me was focused on preventing Splash from dropping his outside shoulder and achieving bend with the circle.  Very hard for both horse and rider.  Maintaining proper position in downward transitions still needs work.  Whew.  Then we practiced a little 3-loop serpentine from quarterline to quarterline, which is a requirement for the Western Dressage test 4 (WDB-4), that both Kathy and I are doing in the schooling shows.547682_4735330907054_1410118231_n - Copy

After lunch I went to Cheval Pond to vaccinate! (it had rained in the am and we have a tradition of vaccinating in the rain).  Roxy helped me take care of all horses and then I went home to “show prep” Sister and Sunny.  After a little de-sensitizing, I tried to trim Sister without twitch.  We managed bridle path, whiskers and ear “light” with minimal fuss so quit while we were ahead.  The girls washed their ponies for the April Showers 4-H Show on Sunday.


The WIND HOWLED and blasted sand/dirt into eyes, nose and mouth.  But the temperature was mild and the show was fun.  I got to play ring steward for Meriruth C who was in 4-H with Jaime way back when.  I missed some of the girls placings, but Ivy/Sister were 2nd Halter Mares, 5th in Showmanship, 3rd in HUS, 2nd in HSE, 6th in Trail, and 1st in Reining 12-14.  Alaina and Sunny were 1st HUS, 1st HSE, and 3rd in Trail as well as 2nd in HH with Sister.

20996_4735329147010_278619065_nSpeaking of Ivy and Sister.  They performed their first reining pattern at the show.  Ivy was working on the WH pattern in the warmup arena when Sister did a flying lead change.  Ivy figured out what she did to get the change, practiced a few times and decided to try the reining class.  The changes weren’t perfect, but for their first day, they were great.  Perhaps reining is Sister’s future?

We will miss a couple of weeks of Party Lessons but hopefully will get a chance to ride anyway.  District is coming soon.  And, with lengthening daylight, YaYa rides can start again too.  Yippeeeeee.


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Equine obsessed woman who loves to ride horses, talk about horses, photograph horses/riders, shop for horse stuff, look at horse adds, admire fences, barns, trucks and trailers, and do all things horsey with my kids and friends.
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3 Responses to Willy and Jurgen

  1. Cindt says:

    Love, love, LOVE! But, that’s not MY Willy is it? My Willy would never buck!

  2. Cindy says:

    How funny that I can’t even type my name!

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