Rocking C Show – April 6 AND Patty’s Party

524768_515080675221032_984524789_nClaremore and Inola received an inch or so of rain on Tuesday but the Rocking C dried enough by the weekend to hold the dressage schooling show on Saturday.  I got to scribe for Lynn Francik in the morning and learned a few things as I always do when I get the opportunity to scribe for a good judge.  One:  Now that Western Dressage is offered, a dressage rider should be using English tack.  Two:  Dressage requires a bit.  Three:  Western dressage is still dressage – contact is required to help with balance and bend.  Also, many horses need support of the rider to bend properly and prevent the shoulder from falling in (read:  Splash).



Splash and I rode T-3 and WDBasic4.  Lynn says that Splash has some swing through his back but that I need to help him bend correctly; we received 7s for left lead canter and for one of our trot segments.  Alaina and Sunny did WDB-4 and WDL1-1 and received 7s for three of their halts as well as right lead canter and halt transition.  Lynn says Sunny is well-trained but that Alaina needs to shortenIMG_5253 reins to ride on steady contact.  For Ivy and Sister’s T-1 and WDB1, Lynn says Sister shows nice willingness to move forward but that she is inattentive and that Ivy needs to sit quietly and maintain soft contact to build confidence.  In addition to our usual mounts, Nancy shared Norman with the girls and they both got to ride a test on him – they say he is a dream and rides like a cloud.  Now that he is past his first dressage test, Nancy is ready to ride him in the May Show.

Rocking C Lynn   Francik
Rider/Horse Test            Score
Cathy/Splash TL-3 59.600
  WDBasic-4 58.382
Alaina/Sunny WDBasic-4 58.823
  WDLevel1-1 59.054
Alaina/Norman WDBasic-3 58.939
Ivy/Sister TL-1 56.042
  WDBasic-1 55.456
Ivy/Norman TL-2 58.214

0407131821cIn addition to the Rocking C Show, YaYa’s had an outing to see “Love Loss and What I Wore” at the Tulsa PAC on Thursday night.  Not only that, but we had dinner at El Guapo.  And, we started celebrating Patty’s Birthday MONTH.  Nancy brought CAKE.  We had a great time.  Then, after the show on Sat., we had another birthday pot luck at the new Rocking C bunkhouse.  Kathy brought cup cakes.  YUM.  Perhaps we should continue to party all month long.  I think YES!

IMG_0744  Happy Birthday Patty!


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