Working Western….. Dressage

ImageWestern Dressage has taken root in Oklahoma and my friend Paula W is the president of the Oklahoma Chapter.  Although I had researched the rules a little to clarify tack requirements, I hadn’t noticed that posting was an option.  Paula filled me in on that detail and, suddenly, Western Dressage was a lot more appealing for me.  My sitting trot needs lots of work and although Splash has a fairly sittable trot, he gets inconsistent when I do the sitting (that would be operator error).  In addition to the posting, the rider may carry a whip AND give soft voice cues during a test AND maintain gentle contact with a curb bit.  All these options/directives work for me and Splash.  The Oklahoma Dressage Society and ODS GCC have adopted Western Dressage Tests for local schooling shows; you can see tests and rules at the following link  (

Patty was out of town last weekend visiting her favorite son.  No Party Lesson.  And…. Our next western dressage outing is the Rocking C show scheduled for April 6 (weather permitting).  With that in mind, I took Splash to Patty’s on Friday and Saturday to practice in my (borrowed) western saddle.  A bonus?  My horsey friends joined me and we had fun as well as a little lunch.  Splash was a pretty good boy and we worked on keeping our trot work consistent and on trot/canter transitions.  During cool down, we did trail practice.  On Friday, Mallory and Nancy joined me and we played with the ponies and then went to lunch.  The girls came with me on Saturday and worked their mounts and then helped Nancy with Norman.  They say he is a dream to ride and has a canter like a cloud.  I think they like him and Nancy will share him and let them both ride a test at the next dressage show.

Since last weekend, green country has had several bouts of RAIN – beautiful RAIN.  Good news even if it cause the cancellation of our show this weekend.  WIN-WIN.  If the show is rained out, the Party Lesson/Lunch will be on the agenda.  Spring has Sprung and I think we should get a Sunday Trail Ride onto the schedule.  YaYa!


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Equine obsessed woman who loves to ride horses, talk about horses, photograph horses/riders, shop for horse stuff, look at horse adds, admire fences, barns, trucks and trailers, and do all things horsey with my kids and friends.
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