ODS/GCC March Madness Dressage Schooling Show – March 17, 2013

As always, our wonderful GCC board put on a lovely show at the Claremore Expo.  My rides?  Well, they could have been better but I didn’t fall off.  I spent the morning scribing for Sherry Guess.  She is great to scribe for – patient with her scribe and good at clarifying her comments.  We had a few issues with pigeons in the arena – very loud flapping.  Then we had some power problems that caused brief lighting outages.  I jumped every time but the horses didn’t seem to care.  We got a bit behind schedule.  The lunch break got shortened and I wolfed my food and ran to the trailer to tack up and warm up. 

Not enough time. 

A couple of riders scatched, and since we were running late, we were past my ride time too.  I mounted and without any warm up, went into the arena to ride my first test (T-3).  The score wasn’t bad, but the ride was awful.  I was stressed and Splash was still in his “my best gait is standing in the pasture” mode.  Our first canter depart was “reluctant” and very late.  I did recieve 3 7’s including a 7 for the “stretchy circle.”  We have been working on that.  Sherry says:  “don’t throw this horse on his forehand” during our downward transitions.  We raced back to the trailer to change tack for Western Dressage.  I skipped changing cloths so missed a chance to show off my GREEN BLING shirt but I didn’t think there was enough time.  Although my score wasn’t much higher, I felt much better after the test because I didn’t feel flustered.  Paula W gave me some advice before the ride and since posting is now optional in most WD tests, I opted to post.  That helped my keep my trots more consistant.  We recieved an 8 for our jog/change rein, a 7.5 for jog circle left, and 3 7’s.  Sherry suggests working to ride more with seat to prevent Splash from running into Bit.

401377_505875792808187_1754783785_n - Copy

Ivy and Sister also rode one English and one Western test.  For T-1, there were some moments with good activity.  Sister is fusy in the bridle and counter bent on left lead canter.  Ivy needs to work on geometry but had some calm/obedient moments in downward transitions.  Their western test had two 7’s on jogs.246487_505868252808941_181530723_n

Alaina and Sunny did two western tests.  Right lead is better for she still leans in.  Their best moment in B-4 was the final halt (8).  In L1-1, their best movment was the intro halt (8) but there were several 7’s.  They need to work on stretch as well as bend.

Alaina tried a couple of the old western dressage tests last year but Ivy and I hadn’t tried it yet.  The Western Dressage Association published new tests and the rules for all of us Newbies – check them out here:  http://www.westerndressageassociation.org/western-dressage-rules-tests/  The tests seem ideal for a horse like Splash, nice mover but very lazy.  My biggest problem was handling those pesky western reins.  I need to work on that before the next show.

March Madness II  Sherry Guess
Rider/Horse Test Score Place
Cathy/Splash TL-3 61.2 2
WDBasic-4 62.79 1
Alaina/Sunny WDBasic-4 57.79 1
WDLevel1-1 60.54 1
Ivy/Sister TL-1 56.67 1
WDBasic-1 55.91 1

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