Ahhhhh, Party Lesson on Sat / 4-H Horse Show on Sunday

DSCN4905Spring has sprung – or maybe its just that horse show season is well under way.  Spring showers dashed through Claremore on Saturday evening after the Party Lesson and Birthday Lunch for Nancy but were on their way out by Show-time on Sunday.  Three tenths of an inch at the Wild O Ranch and we will take any rain we get.

DSCN4892 - CopyDSCN4889Nancy’s birthday was the reason to Party at the Pink House in Claremore after the party lesson – we sipped tea and snarfed lovely lunches and spectacular desserts.  Not to worry, we were still wearing our riding gear.  Above and beyond the usual – thanks to Mary.

The party lesson was combined with the girls lesson so that we would be able to head for lunch a bit early.  Sydney/Sophie, Ivy/Sister, Alaina/Sunny, Roxy/Arty, Mary/Beau, Nancy/Norman, Julie/MoJo, and Me/Splash did rail and cavalletti work before finishing with trail obstacles.  The kids looked good on the trail course and then the adults got serious and did even better.  Trot poles, figure 8 through barrels, trot into chute, back through chute/L, trot to box, 270 to left and walk over poles, rt lead canter to walk-over poles, trot through cones to end.  Fun.  We finished the lesson with a little showmanship work.  Roxy and Arty are doing really well and Sydney is picking up Sophie’s canter better with every lesson.  Splash was really good in the trail work but I admit to two-handing with my english bridle (with Kimberwick bit) so I had more precision than usual.

DSCN4936Then, Spring Forward!  That meant that 6:00am alarm was really at 5:00 – very uncivilized.  But, the show must go on – so we went.  Amanda B was our judge and I got to ring steward for her – very fun but sure is hard work (thanks Julie for 2 days of ring stewarding at the Will Rogers Classic!).  Ivy and Sister were 2nd Place Halter Mares; other classes, not so good although they placed 6th in Trail.  Alaina and Sunny had a great day placing first in HUS, HSE, WH, and Trail.  We were home by 5 so the horses got an hour of relaxation before dinner.

DSCN4958Next on the agenda, the March Madness Dressage show next weekend.  The girls and I will show on Sunday at the Claremore Expo as will Christiana, Kathy, and (hopefully) Mallory and Roxy.  We are giving Western Dressage a try.  Come on down and visit.  Meanwhile, daylight is getting longer in the evenings, so I am starting to dream of evening YaYa rides with my Sista’s.


About yayariders

Equine obsessed woman who loves to ride horses, talk about horses, photograph horses/riders, shop for horse stuff, look at horse adds, admire fences, barns, trucks and trailers, and do all things horsey with my kids and friends.
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