Sister Update


Ivy and Sister

Saturday started off frosty and sunny – it was still freezing at Party Lesson Time.  We missed Mallory and Roxy but Sydney joined Ivy and Alaina for the early lesson.  Mary, Nancy, and Kathy joined me in the later lesson.

The really GOOD news is that Sister is back to her old evil ways.  Ivy rode her in the lesson and she went sound.  Whew – thanks  to the Joleta Sock, Jeff M’s evaluation, and FB advice.  Based on Jeff’s evaluation, there was no hoof soreness at all – so perhaps an incipient abscess was cured with 3 days stall rest, bute, and the Joleta Sock.  Or she had a little strain in the pastern area that was so small that there was no swelling or heat – she was a little tickleish when Jeff palpitated there.  Either way – yeah.


The Joleta Sock – sugar/iodine paste, gauze pad, vet wrap and duct tape


Alaina and Sunny

The new work in the lesson for Splash was doing counter canter loop from rail to quarter line (both ways) and from rail to centerline on left lead.  Splash did well on left lead.  Right lead is much harder for him and for me.  He wants to fall in badly and to drop gait as soon as a hint of counter canter is met.  But, he did better than I expected with just a couple of trot steps and resumption of canter when asked.  I need to really help hold his shoulder up while maintaining direction – not easy for me.

Even though Sunday’s weather was good for riding, I had a non-horsey party to go to in Tulsa.  So, I baked Bread Pudding in the morning and then went to Darnell’s to make earings with the Women Who Bead – Cindy was in town, so Steff, Carolyne, Kristy, Gayle, and Jen joined us to snack, talk, and make earings to benefit DVIS/Tulsa (; Gayle posts then on her ZenLady website and the proceeds go to DVIS.  We made quite a few different combinations – each to our individual inspirations and the beads at hand.  Darnell and Gayle did the hard work – finishing the findings.  What a lovely afternoon.  Ivy and Alaina worked their mounts without me and both reported that their ponies were well-behaved (and Sister was sound).

Next weekend we will party in honor of Nancy’s birthday and the girls will show on Sunday at a 4-H point show.  Hopefully, we will get a chance to work the horses a bit in between in anticipation of the first dressage schooling show of the season – in just 2 weeks at the Claremore Expo.  I hope the YaYa Sisters can join in or come and visit.


Splash and Cathy

GCC March Madness I and II Schooling Shows

March 16: March Madness I Judge: Roberta Clark View/Print Prizeslist for March Madness I

March 17: March Madness II Judge: Sherry Guess View/Print Prizeslist for March Madness II


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