What Happened to the Second Half of February?

Who Knows? But here we are and its March 1 – SPRING can’t be far behind.


Ivy and Cathy

  • Here is the quick version:
    I got to head north to Kansas for a facility inspection early Tuesday morning.
    Steve took the girls to a Cold Ride Night on Feb. 19 – the Ivy helped Sydney with Sophie; Sister and Sunny were pretty good.
    Snow moved north early Wednesday and trapped me in McPherson until Friday. The GOOD News is that Claremore and eastern OK got ground soaking rain.
    Car troubles coming home but made it just after 5pm – dashed to the Expo to make final show preparations.
    Sat/Sun and we showed at the WRC.
    Tuesday, Sister was 3-legged when it was time to go to ride night so Ivy took Pico who was a little off. Sunny was GOOD.
    Put the “Joleta Sock” on Sister’s foot and called Jeff M for farrier consultation.
    Today, Sister Seems Sound. Party Lesson tomorrow.


The LONG Version:

First I will tell you the Snow Saga.  Our inspector was scheduled to arrive at noon on Wednesday but Winter Storm Q was coming on strong.  The Tulsa contingent working in Kansas decided that the better part of valor was escape before the snow really got going. But I had an inspector to meet.  They left me alone at the Holiday Inn.  I went to the plant to meet the inspector.  It started to snow.   Hard.  The inspector came, inspected, went.  It was still snowing.  Hard.  There was snow and ice and rain between me and Claremore so I stayed.  It continued to snow until after dark on Thursday.  About 17 inches.  Snow plows worked all night.  I headed South on Friday morning going pretty slow on snow packed roads in bright sunshine.  Got to Wichita and the roads improved a bit.  And, my rental got a low tire.  I went to Avis at the Wichita airport and switched out cars in the slushy parking lot.  My socks and boots were sopping wet to the ankles.  The new car wouldn’t start.  Switched out cars again.  Feet got wetter if that was possible.  The new car started so I dug dry shoes and socks out of my luggage and headed south.  The “check engine” light came on when I crossed the state line.  YIKES.  I went on down the road and made it home just after 5.


Alaina and Ivy

Plan A was to take Friday OFF to make mighty show preparations.  Plan B was to throw stuff into the trailer and go to expo for a little practice.  No time for Plan A, so…  Off to Expo.  Then, Splash tried to buck me off.  I lunged him until he said he was sorry.

We headed to the Expo before 7am on Sat. so that spot cleaning, final trimming, braiding, etc. could happen in daylight.   Ivy and Sister placed 2 in Halter Mares.  Splash and I had lots of adult company in English for the first time in years.  Patty C, Julie L, Abby L, Amy E, Michele M, Lora S, Sara, and Blair joined us; Splash and I placed 4th in HUS and 2nd in HSE.  Then, we changed into my new Western stuff to try WP, WH, and Trail.  Splash was looking fine in his trophy saddle lent to us by Mandy H.  Alaina and Sunny won both HUS and HSE (and she thinks he is a western pony).


Blue with Eric; Rhonda, Patty, Larry

Back to the show early Sunday morning to do it all again.  Ivy and Sister were 3rd Halter Mares and were Reserve Circuit Halter Mares – won a nice plaque.  Our English class was down to 2 adults so Splash and I won Reserve Circuit English Adult and a black/neon halter.  Alaina and Sunny did well in English and won Circuit Champion English 12-14 and a pair of trophy spurs.

I had a great time showing and socializing between classes.  We didn’t place very well in our western classes but I had a good time wearing my green bling shirt and showing off that beautiful loaner saddle.  And, now I have a hat so I am ready  for Western Dressage this year.  I have the stuff, so I will wear it.


Tuesday night and Sister was Three-Legged-Lame.  So, Ivy took Pico and he was still a little off.  Sunny was GOOD.  I received advice and recommendations on FB including the recipe for the Joleta Sock.  Bute, the Sock, and three days in the stall seemed to do the trick.  Jeff M came out to today and declared Sister Sound for the Party Lesson tomorrow.   Cross fingers and toes that she will stay sound. The next 4-H show is on the 10th and there will be a two day dressage schooling show the following weekend.  Show Season is HERE!  YaYa.  Perhaps we can get some more trail riding in too.


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One Response to What Happened to the Second Half of February?

  1. Gayle says:

    Wow! You had an “adventurous” past week. Glad you made it back from snowbound Kansas safe and sound.

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